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9 Questions To Ask Your Dentist Before Your Child Go Under Sedation

Most young children suffer from some sort of dental problem. If a child has an oral health infection or dental pain, it must be treated immediately to prevent complications. Sometimes, dental surgery is needed to cure the problem, and your child needs to get sedation. Also, some dental practices require children to lie comfortably, but dental fear and anxiety are common problems that most children face. So, sedating a child before performing any procedure can help ease their anxiety. The ultimate goal of sedation is to provide children a with safe and pain-free treatment. 

Children are different from adults in terms of their emotional, physical or psychological health, so their fear and anxiety need to be handled professionally. When certain dental treatment is required, most dentists suggest sedation before starting the procedure. 

The sedation works great to hold children still, usually during the treatment process, to avoid any sort of injuries and complications. Sedation for kids greatly reduces a child’s fears and anxiety, mainly during a procedure that results in success of the treatment. The use of sedationcan make children relax so that the dentists can perform the procedure carefully. 

However, most parents get surprised when an Edmonton teen dentist suggest sedation before a dental procedure. But, with care and efficient monitoring, treating children safely with pediatric dental anesthesia becomes easier. Whenever you are in doubt, it always helps to talk with your dentist and clarify any situation. Your child may also need counseling before being set up to undergo a dental treatment procedure. 

Questions to Ask from a Top Pediatric Dentist in Edmonton

If you have all the required details regarding the procedure, it becomes easier to handle the situation better and comfort your child. Most parents usually ask different questions to explain dental treatment options clearly, especially from children’s dentists in Edmonton. As a parent, it is essential that  you have reliable information before providing consent to your child’s surgery. 

Here’s our list of essential questions you need to ask your dentist before your child undergoes sedation for a dental procedure. 

  • What procedure will you follow during the treatment?
  • Why is the dental procedure needed for the treatment?
  • How much training and experience do you have?
  • Who will assist you during the procedure?
  • Are you the dentist in Edmonton who will sedate the child? If yes, what medicines will be needed during the procedure?
  • What kind of recovery process will follow?
  • Will there be an anesthesia specialist to look after my child?
  • How will my child be monitored during the sedation procedure?
  • Who will be in the procedure room if anything goes wrong?

Asking all these questions from a dentist can help gain comprehensive insights regarding the process involved in sedation and how the procedure will be performed during the treatment. With the suitable answers to these questions, you can stay relaxed because you gain insights regarding the entire process, and you can focus on the procedure. 

Mostly, parents are concerned about their child’s safety, usually during the procedure under sedation, so it is advisable to get all information beforehand. The information will help you understand what is happening and prepare your child for the procedure. Also, by following the suggestions by an affordable pediatric dentist in Edmonton, you may get better results out of the procedure. 


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