A quick guide to getting 485 Visa Australia

The 485 Visa is a temporary visa granted to international students who have completed two academic years at an Australian university. Depending on the individual’s circumstances, it can last from 18 months to four years.

If you plan on studying or working in Australia while on a subclass 485 visa, it is an excellent option for extending your stay and improving your chances of becoming eligible for a provisional skilled visa.

It also assists those who seek to stay permanently in Australia through General Skilled Migration or employer sponsorship.

Two eligibility streams of 485 Visa

Depending on the education you completed in Australia, you can apply for a Graduate Visa in one of two streams:

Post-study work stream: The visa stream can be valid for 2 to 4 years. Staying in Australia allows you to work, live, study, and travel. It provides a visa for two years for a Bachelor’s, Master’s degree holder, three years for a Master’s by Research, and four years for a Doctorate or Ph.D. degree.

The Graduate work stream: Students who have earned a certification program or diploma in Australia can be eligible for this stream visa, valid for 1.5 years in AustraliaStaying in Australia will allow you to work, live, study, and travel.

Applicants of both streams of this visa are allowed to bring their qualified family members to Australia on the 485 Visa.

Eligibility Requirements for 485 Vis

For a visa 485, you must fulfill the following requirements:

  1. You must be under 50 years of age.
  2. You must have a valid 500 student visa.
  3. You were on a student visa for six months before applying for a 485 visa.
  4. You earned one of the given degrees:
    • Master’s degree
    • Master’s degree (Honors)
    • Master’s degree (course work)
    • (Extended) Master’s degree
    • Master’s degree (by research) degree
    • PhD


  1. You attended a university in Australia.
  2. You have never had a 485 or 476 visa before (for a graduate visa stream).
  3. You studied for at least two years, or 92 weeks.
  4. You have the necessary skills (for a graduate stream)
  5. You must meet English proficiency needs.
  6. Your profession is on the list of skilled occupations (for a graduate visa stream).

How can you apply for the Visa 485, Australia?

Following these steps will help you apply for a visa:


  1. Create an ImmiAccount by filling out the form below.
  2. Upload your documents.
  3. The application charges must be paid.
  4. Submit your visa application.
  5. Processing Time for the Visa 485

Processing time for 485 visa will depend on visa streams.

Post-Study Work Stream: 8-9 month

Graduate Stream: 9-10 months

The processing time for Visa 485 can vary depending on the visa type and the documents provided.

What are the benefits of a 485 Visa?

Visa 485 gives you access to

  1. After completing your studies, stay in Australia for 1.5 years or more depending on the circumstances.
  2. Work in Australia.
  3. Study in Australia.
  4. Travel within and outside Australia
  5. Bring your family to Australia as often as you want.
  6. International students who have completed their graduate degree can use this post-study working visa to develop and apply their skills.
  7. Additionally, it helps overseas students be more employable upon returning to their home countries or before they begin another Australian visa

485 Visa new rules

Changes to the 485 visa parameters will give students much-needed respite as Australia’s borders reopen due to the COVID pandemic.

International students’ post-study work rights would be strengthened. The temporary graduation visa for master’s degree coursework graduates would be extended from two to three years under the new rules.

  • Replacement visas will be granted to Temporary Graduate Visa 485 holders who could not enter Australia due to COVID-19 international border limitations.
  • Temporary Graduate visa holders whose visas have expired on or after February 1, 2020 will be given a chance to apply for a new visa 485 with the same length of stay as their original visa.
  • Students who hold a Master’s degree by coursework will have their Temporary Graduate Visa validity extended from two to three years, like those with a Master’s degree by research.
  • A temporary graduate visa with 2 years of validity will be available for vocational education and training (VET) graduates.

Final thoughts –

A 485 graduate visa is integral to many international students’ ability to work in Australia full-time after completing their studies. This visa allows graduates of an Australian institution to work and live temporarily in Australia. 

When applying, members of the family unit can also be included. Graduates restricted to COVID-19 travel limitations can now apply for and receive a Temporary Graduate Visa outside of Australia.

If you need further details regarding Visa 485 or are you facing any difficulty in applying for this visa, consult us at The Migration.

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