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SCP – Foundation Breach | SCP Explanation

What is a Breach Of SCP – Foundation

The Foundation is the main factor behind the video game SCP – Containment Breach, based on the SCP mythology. The game is set in one of the prisons or buildings, the player is as D-Class personnel trying to escape after a breach in the containment creates dozens of hostile SCPs.


SCP 001 is a name that has been assigned to an unidentified SCP belonging to the SCP Foundation. What’s interesting concerning this SCP is the fact that there isn’t an official SCP called SCP-001.

Breach Of SCP Containment

On the 14th of October, 2016, a team of programmers remade SCP Containment Breach improving the graphics and adding several new SCPs. The game’s design was based on the same concept as the original, however, the game was canceled before it was completed in 2021.

Take Control

The game Control was developed in collaboration with Remedy and was heavily influenced by SCP Mythos. SCP Mythos, with the Federal Bureau of Control being like that of the SCP Foundation.

Firm or Lobotomy

A horror-themed indie strategy management simulation game designed by Project Moon is about an underground company that employs supernatural beings known by the name of “Abnormalities” to draw energy. The game was an inspiration for The SCP Foundation among many more.

Fragmented Minds of SCP 

WIP, Series III has SCP-2000 up to SCP-2999, and Series IV includes SCP-3000 and SCP-3999. Series V includes SCP-4000 to SCP-4999. Series VI has SCP-5000 and SCP-5999. Series VII includes SCP 579 up to SCP-6999.

What is Home Annie?

Go home Annie A SCP Game is a twisted first-person horror game where players play the position of an employee employed by The SCP Replication Division. The player is required to test various anomalies, which include solving puzzles and working with various creatures. You can check which SCP is the strongest SCP.

In Manga Gun X Clover

In the Rikan Island Incidentarc from the Gun X Clover manga series, Kotonoha Nahase can be seen wearing a T-shirt that depicts the logo of the Foundation.

Tsukiiro no Invader

In the fourth chapter in the story Tsukiiro no Invader, a boy is wearing a t-shirt that features the logo of the Foundation as well as the small creature named SCP-9999.

KAI SCP Comic Anthology

A manga by B-minus Scans is available for free on MangaDex. The story revolves around an employee of the Foundation who encounters various SCPs and other personnel.

Dollhouse SCP:

On the 23rd of August, 2019 Retro Digital Media released the short film SCP: Dollhouse which revolved around an MTF looking into unusual activities in a house located that is located in the suburbs of Middle America but was misinformed and completely unprepared for the situation they found.


On the 4th of November in 2020 Retro Digital Media released another short film called SCP: Overlord which revolved around MTF-Nu 7, an investigation team, who were tasked with finding the home of an unusual cult. The film was well-received and was awarded several awards.

What is Mutation?

The SCP Foundation and various SCPs are featured in the online game ANNO: Mutationem developed by ThinkingStars and set in a cyberpunk post-apocalyptic future.

What is a Pandemic?

SCP: Pandemic is a forthcoming hardcore first-person, tactical shooter based upon the SCP-5000 story. In the game, players are a rogue fire team tasked to stop the SCP Foundation from exterminating humanity.

What is Trivia?

SCP Foundation SCP Foundation currently has seven well-known “series” of SCPs: Series I includes SCP 000, SCP 053 to SCP-999, Series II includes SCP-1000 and SCP-1999, 

With the sheer amount of contributors and the time of the website, SCP Foundation is, without doubt, the most extensive collaboration in the field of fiction in the history of fiction.


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