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Trendy Blackout Window Curtains Ideas in 2022

If you’re looking for a new style of blackout window curtain for your bedroom, read this article! Good Homes has highlighted some key trends for curtains and blinds for 2022. Here, we look at trends for Thermally-insulated, Noise-reducing, Trendy, and Pleated blackout window draperies. We’ve rounded up the top four trends in this article for your reference. You’ll find something that fits your home’s current decor and preferences.

Pleated blackout drapery

For your window curtains in 2022, opt for pleated blackout drapery. Pleated Blackout Curtains in Dubai can help minimize the harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun. This type of curtain is also very long, which gives the room an extra-high illusion. It is a treat to customize the style. Listed below are some ways to customize pleated blackout drapery. Here are some trends to consider:

Modern drapery comes in many different colors and textures and is made of a variety of materials. You can choose among a variety of fabrics, ranging from cotton to polyester. Some curtains have rollers to lift the upper part of the curtain, while others are powered by a motor. You can even control how much fabric the curtain will raise. All of these features make the drapery a practical choice for window curtains in 2022.

Thermally insulated

A new product that will help homeowners keep their rooms cool and dark is the Thermally insulated blackout window curtain. These curtains are made of 100 percent polyester and come with silver grommets to easily slide onto the rod. They are also energy-efficient and noise-reducing. Both of these features will save homeowners money and ensure a good night’s sleep. The curtains are available in a variety of colors and sizes.

These thermally insulated blackout window curtains can be found in many colors and sizes. The darker the color, the better, as darker colors absorb more light. They also feature triple-weave construction, which reduces sound. Additionally, these curtains are machine washable, which makes them ideal for busy households. Another feature of these curtains is that they can reduce external noise, making them perfect for home theater use.


The sound-reducing window curtains of 2022 promise complete darkness. These curtains are made of a proprietary thermaweave design, a modified version of the triple weave. This new material is said to absorb around 40% of ambient noise. The good thing is that these curtains are not heavy and are easy to install. But how do you know which ones will be the best performers? Here are some tips.

The fabric is three-ply, with the middle layer made of dense black yarn. While at one point, this design was considered revolutionary, it has since become a standard. Triple-weave construction is a sign of fabric density. This fabric is effective against noise and light, as well as energy loss. It can reduce energy bills as well. This feature allows the curtains to block out more light. Unlike other window treatments, noise-reducers can be used in offices, restaurants, and even homes.


If you’re looking for a more functional blackout curtain this year, there are a lot of options available. Many blackout curtains are made from polyester, and these tend to be more rigid in their silhouette. A great alternative is to opt for sheer curtains. This style is also versatile since it can be used alone or paired with thick curtains. It can also be used to add rhythm to a room. There are many different types of sheer curtains on the market, but you should remember not to overload the windows with too many different designs.

In addition to blackout window curtains, many of these designs are made with other types of fabrics. Some of these fabrics are patterned, while others are purely abstract. The design of these curtains is highly customizable, and they can be made in many different colors and styles. The possibilities are endless! And with so many designs available, there’s bound to be one that suits your space and style. Here’s a look at some of the most popular options for the year 2022.

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