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Features to Look for When Buying Dell Latest Laptops

Dell latest laptops are a popular pick among consumers due to their low prices and the extensive range of models available. Although smartphones and tablets are constantly evolving, you must admit that gaming laptops are superior in almost every aspect, be it for consuming HD content or running heavy programmes. But of all the gaming laptops on the market today, which is the best one for you?

Here is a guide that will assist you in purchasing the most powerful Dell latest laptops.

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Things to remember before buying Dell latest laptops:

  1. Choose an OS: Windows 10 OR Chrome OS?

It can be tough if you are unfamiliar with Windows and Chrome OS. However, a brief overview of each system’s ups and downs should be helpful. Picking the right one is a matter of personal taste, but here’s a summary of each offer.

  • Windows 10 

The most tried, trusted and versatile OS compatible with a wide range of best gaming laptops is Windows 10. Laptops running Windows 10 are perfect for students and business users, and gamers.

  • Chrome OS 

Chrome OS is relatively compact and provides a longer-lasting battery performance at an affordable price. This OS is ideal if you mostly browse the Internet, check e-mails, access social media etc. 

  1. Do you want a 2-in-1 Device?

Some Dell latest laptops can switch between normal mode/ tablet mode/ standing mode to provide a versatile user experience. These laptops have touchscreen displays that can be completely separated from the keyboard and used as a tablet. Convertible gaming laptops feature bendable joints that fold backwards by 360 degrees.
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  1. Pick The Correct Size

Before checking out gaming laptops’ features or price segments, you’ll need to know how big a screen you might need. Here are the standard display sizes available in Dell latest laptops in the market: 

  • 11-12 inches: Lightweight and Slim
  • 13-14 inches: Deliver the finest mobility and functionality
  • 15-16 inches: Pick this size if you’re planning to keep the laptop on your desk mostly

Also, the display size will determine the overall size and weight of gaming laptops. While being more functional, a larger display is also likely to consume more battery.

  1. Check that Keyboard and Touchpad

Even the most amazing features won’t mean much if the laptop doesn’t offer great ergonomics and manoeuvrability. Ensure that the keyboard is sturdy and features a lot of space between the keys. Gaming laptops should have a precision touchpad that’s smooth with pinching/zooming and other multi-touch gestures.

  1. Select the specifications

The technicality of some of the specifications might confuse you at first sight. Here’s a basic summary of things to look for in a laptop.

  • CPU

Most Dell latest laptops come with a processor from Intel or AMD. Let’s take a look at what both have to offer. Intel offers battery saving, video performance, information processing, and computer power advantages. Unfortunately, Intel processors are more costly than AMD processors, which is something to remember if you’re on a shoestring budget or eyeing a low-cost alternative.

  • RAM

Dell latest laptops come in a wide range of RAM variants. Ideally, gaming laptops should pack at least 16 GB of RAM. If your budget permits, you can even go for 32 GB RAM, sufficient to run most AAA game titles. At the top of the pile, you will also find some premium gaming laptops with 64 GB RAM for a terrific performance.

  • Storage Drive Type

If there’s something more important than your CPU speed, it’s the SSD. If your primary requirement is speed, we recommend you go for a laptop with an SSD. Within SSD types, the NVME offers triple the speed of standard SATA drives. 

  1. Display Type

There’s a lot more to display than resolution. If you want premium video quality and are ready to compromise on battery, we’d recommend you get an OLED display. It also makes sense to go for Dell latest laptops with the best display to enhance your gaming and viewing experience. 

  1. Touchscreen

Going for a touchscreen laptop that’s not detachable is not ideal because it may drain your battery faster. We’d suggest you choose 2-in-1 gaming laptops as they’ll provide you with greater usage flexibility.  

  1. Graphics Card

Intel Iris Xe graphics will suffice for all your requirements if you’re not into heavy gaming or 3D rendering. Although, we’d suggest you go for a laptop with an Nvidia or AMD graphic card if you’re a power user.

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Summary: Gaming laptops are a special breed designed with premium hardware and best-in-class specifications. If you are in the market for a new computer, Dell latest laptops are commonly a reliable choice. These machines offer smooth performance and come with the assurance of quality one associates with a global brand like Dell. Are you confused over which Dell latest laptop to buy? Here are a few points that will help to clear all your doubts. 

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