Gulf of Orlando: Links-style game at Royal St. Cloudiest – a modest gulf at its best

For a true league-style golf experience, we discovered Royal St. Cloud Golf Links, located in St. Cloudy, about 25 minutes southeast of Orlando Airport or the Disney area. Royal St. Cloud Links welcomes you with a roll-out layout of link-style shortcuts, marked with classic link bunkers with names like Hell, Glasses, Devil’s Pocket and Horseshoe Track. Because the landscape is naturally diverse, all the clubs in the bag tend to be faithful to the legacy of this league.

Unlike other Orlando golf courses, Royal St.

Cloudless residential areas and offer a clean golfing experience. The design includes four sets of tees and from the blue tea offers a champion length of 7,111 yards and an estimate of 74.6, all on flawless tracks and silky smooth Tifeagle greens.

The motto, as printed above the entrance to the clubhouse, is “Original Golf Played Here” and is actually Royal St. Cloud original style golf at its modest best level. I had the opportunity to speak with Bill Wilson, the facility’s golf director and co-owner since 2002.

Bill has extensive teaching work.

He has personally studied under some of the top teachers and brought 12 years of teaching experience which includes beginners to PGA travel professionals. Bill has consistently been the highest rated PGA professional 꽁머니. The Cloud faculty is completed by Dave Rumbles, who brings 17 years of valuable PGA Tour experience and can share “Tour” tips with students. Associate Professional Doug Holloway has 16 years of training experience.

Royal St. Cloud Golf Links ’commitment to golf instruction includes

State-of-the-art video equipment and even a tent for bad weather. Lessons, programs and clinics are offered for every skill and requirement. Bill explained that they run very reasonably priced pediatric clinics at $ 7.00 per clinic and the club has 120 members in its youth program. Women can also learn the sport without embarrassment in a relaxed and comfortable environment. And with each member of the family, the children play for free

Bill is proud to offer one of the greatest golf values ​​in the Orlando area. Prices for the 2005-2006 season range from $ 46 to $ 48 from November 1 to January 10, and $ 64 from January 11 to April 30, 2006. of fabric time

Available from 11:00 or 12:00, 7 days a week, respectively. Bill continued on to Royal St. Cloud’s fees are always reasonable and he doesn’t want to sell his course, but exceeds the expectations of his visitors.


In addition, it offers a very unique offer: a 100% money back guarantee without conditions if you have not enjoyed your gaming experience at Royal St. Cloudsis. He said that in the almost three years he has been doing the course, only 2 people have ever asked for a refund; phenomenal achievement, considering that tens of thousands of rounds are played here every year.

One of the unique features of this course is the handmade masonry,

Which is evident in the four bridges that are built during the course and are hand-built one brick at a time. Bill said some of the bridges are even slightly curved to give them more character. The most famous stone bridge is on the 5th hole and many British visitors to this golf course come here specifically for this unique feature.

Bill explained that his golf course serves a value-based market made up of locals, snowbirds fleeing cold northern winters and a very loyal crowd of British golfers who recommend the facility to many of their friends at home.

Royal St. Cloud Golf Courses are ranked among the top five underrated

golf courses in the Orlando area and hosted by British Junior Amateur in 2004 and 2005. With the open junctions, the road looks deceptively simple, but I was able to experience the unique challenges that Royal St . Cloud offers. A traditional league golf course is played on the ground, unfortunately I managed to find water many times despite the generously open waterways.

Another feature I really enjoyed was the several ponds at the back of the road, home to various local wildlife and waterfowl. I especially enjoyed looking at the very rare woodpeckers that lurked at the edges of the pond in search of food and the crane standing with outstretched wings. The feeling was very relaxed, free and friendly, and after the game we enjoyed a delicious hot dog in the beautiful courtyard outside the clubhouse to end a very enjoyable golfing experience on a great day.

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