How are Flexible Workspaces Different from Co-working Spaces?

How are Flexible Workspaces Different from Co-working Spaces?

The trend of ‘work from home’ across industries has been widely popularized in India during COVID-19. However, there is a growing fatigue setting in among people working from home for a long time. In recent years India has witnessed the idea of altering workspaces with improved technology. Flexible workspace and co-working spaces are such alternative ideas.

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The term ‘co-working space’ has been in the industry for a few years. Neetish Sarda, the founder of Smartworks, once mentioned that co-working spaces would upset the conventional work environment.

What is a flexible workspace?

The term ‘flexible workspace’ or flexispace refers to a common office space. It means a workspace that has several innovative desk layouts. Hot desks and open offices are common in flexible workspaces.

They are also commonly termed shared workspaces. It is shared by several people at one time. Generally recognized businesses choose to operate in a flexispace.

What is a co-working space?

Co-working spaces usually provide freelancers, start-up companies, and entrepreneurs a better option to work and network. Such spaces offer economical ways to collaborate in the local business community while inspiring productivity.

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Co-working spaces are modern workspaces with the most recent facilities like WiFi, snack bar, conference rooms, game zone, etc. It caters to diverse people belonging to different industries or even personalities.

How do a flexible workspace and a co-working space operate?

flexible workspace co-working space
Usually, put on lease for at least a year Usually rented out for 3 to 6 months, sometimes even for a day
Incurs a huge establishment cost A cost-efficient mode
Generally caters to and practiced by more recognized businesses Popularly rented out to start-ups and small businesses. Spaces can be given to even a lone worker.

Advantages of a flexispace and a co-working space

flexible workspace co-working space
Having an office space improves your visibility. It exhibits the identity and branding of your business. The mode of co-working exposes you to prospects and opportunities. Meeting new people caters you to different viewpoints which benefit your business.
For effective in-person meetings with your clients, these workspaces are beneficial. It brings you out of your own world, hence allowing collaboration and better networking. For these reasons, co-working spaces are a hit among start-ups and freelancers.


It is important to realize how your workforce is using the workspace. Besides, it is important to find out how the workspace requires modification depending on the needs of the employees. This will help you to advance your workspace as and when requirements change constantly.

Thus, in the opinion of Neetish Sarda, offering a flexible workspace is a great approach for corporates who want to have young talents. In the present times, they want to represent themselves as new-age businesses having more modern culture.

In the current pandemic situation, adapting to new situations has been the key factor. Technology and workspace transformation can open new avenues for your business. You can capitalize on the productivity of your workforce. Also, with the least disruption, you can get acclimatized to the ‘new normal.’

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