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How Much Does it Cost to Build a Restaurant app?

So you are interested to know the restaurant app development cost?

Well, on average, the cost to build a restaurant app is $15,000-$25,000

But, the final price depends on the size and complexity of your app. Being a restaurant owner, it becomes highly important for you to know the cost so that you can plan your budget and efficiently utilize all your resources. 

Since I am also a developer, I know how important it is. Therefore, here, I will tell you how much it cost to develop a restaurant mobile app. This will help you estimate the final figure and plan your budget accurately. 

To get the final value, you need to know 

Key Factors That Determine the Restaurant App Development Cost

1. App Size

The size of the restaurant mobile app depends on the size of your restaurant business. If you have a small-scale restaurant business, then a restaurant app development company may charge you between $10,000-$20,000 for a basic level mobile application.

But, for mid-size or large-scale restaurant businesses, the app will need more features and functionalities to provide online services. Hence, the restaurant app development cost for restaurant chain business companies would be $40,000-$60,000

Therefore, you should see what size of mobile app you want to develop for your restaurant business. If it is larger its size the higher its price would be. 

2. Complexity of the Restaurant App

It is not necessary that a small size mobile app always has a small mobile app development cost. If your app contains some advanced or complex functionality then it may increase the development time and so will the cost. 

For example, let’s say a restaurant owner wants to add augmented reality functionality for their customers. Then, to build this AR functionality in a restaurant mobile app, developers would need a dedicated AR SDK or AR tech stack. 

As a result, the time and effort of development will increase. And therefore, the restaurant app development cost will increase. Hence, you should see whether your restaurant app requires a complex or advanced functionality or feature. If this is so, then your restaurant app development cost will increase. 

Hence, you should see whether your restaurant app requires a complex or advanced functionality or feature. If this is so, then your restaurant app development cost will increase. 

3. Number of Features 

This is one of the most influential factors in restaurant app development costs. What features you include in your restaurant app has a direct impact on the cost of restaurant app development. 

If the app contains some unique or innovative features, then the final price may vary from the average price. However, a standard restaurant app carries common features. And thus, you can easily estimate the cost of your restaurant app if it has standard features as follows. 

Feature for Customer Panel

  • Signup/in
  • Push notifications
  • Online ordering
  • Food menu 
  • Real-time order tracking
  • Mobile payment
  • Table reservation
  • Customer support
  • Social media sharing
  • Chatbot

Features for Restaurant Owners

  • Profile registration
  • Staff management
  • Inventory management
  • Kitchen management
  • Order receive
  • Table reservation management
  • Order tracking
  • Food menu customization
  • Reports and analytics
  • Payment setting
  • Delivery setting
  • Customer management

4. Type of Mobile App

Native and cross-platform are the two main approaches in the current mobile app development practices. In native app development, developers use native app OS resources. For instance, to develop a native type restaurant app for the Android platform, developers will use Android’s own SDK and resources.

Similarly, for iOS, developers have to use Xcode, Swift, and Apple’s own SDK. It means you have to write code for each OS platform. And therefore, the cost will increase significantly. 

At present, React Native and Flutter app development are the most widely used cross-platform frameworks for developing restaurant mobile applications.
But in cross-platform app development, developers only have to write a single codebase for all OS platforms including Android and iOS. You can build a restaurant mobile app for all platforms with only one codebase. Hence, when you go with cross-platform app development, it decreases the restaurant app development cost. 
A mobile app development company can easily develop the restaurant app with either React Native or Flutter for around $10,000-$15,000. 

5. Location of Your Restaurant App Development Company

To build a restaurant app, you would either hire a freelance developer or outsource your project to a mobile app development company. A freelance developer might create the app at low cost. But, since you need an app for long-term business purposes. Therefore, you need to outsource your restaurant app project to an established mobile app development company. 

So when you choose a company for your restaurant app project you have to consider their country location. It is because every country has different rates for developing mobile apps. A top mobile app development company in the USA may charge you between $100-$180 per hour for a single restaurant app development project. 

At the same time, a mobile app development company in India may charge you $25 per hour. Hence, the location of the restaurant app development company determines the final cost of your app. Most businesses prefer India due to its high-standard and cost-efficient mobile app solutions. 

So finally,

How Much Does It Cost To Build a Restaurant App?

Well, as I said already, the average cost of restaurant app development is $15,000-$25,000 for a standard app. But depending on its features, size, and complexity, the final price may vary. 

However, considering all the above factors, you can easily estimate the final restaurant app development cost. The best way to get the exact value is to get a quote from the company you are choosing for your app project. They can tell you the exact price based on your app requirements. 


The restaurant app is one of the most popular types of mobile apps in the current market. From small to large, restaurant apps have helped every size of the restaurant business grow and succeed substantially. Therefore, the demand for restaurant apps has increased significantly these days. 

And when it comes to the cost to build a restaurant app, the price simply depends on your app. The best way to ensure you efficiently use your funds and resources, collaborate with a dedicated restaurant app development company

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Josephine Baker is associated as a Mobile App Developer at MobileCoderz-a well-known mobile application development company which provides world-class app development services to global businesses. She holds expertise in developing restaurant apps. Her background experience in the on-demand food and restaurant business enables her to be a skilled Restaurant app developer. Besides this, She likes to travel on weekends and write thoughts on the mobile app industry. 


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