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How to Choose the Best Bath Mats: A Simple Guide

Choosing a rug for your bathroom may seem like a simple task, but the one you select may actually have a significant impact on how the room looks, how safe you and your family are, and even how your daily routine functions.

There are actually quite a few factors you should intend to take into consideration when purchasing a bathroom rug, including color, size, material, durability, necessary upkeep, and any other safety features the mat offers. 

Type of Mats

You may come across a variety of words on the mat, such as bath mats, toweling mat, and contour mat, which we go into detail about.

1. Bath Mat

This is the fluffy or rough-textured mat you place outside your bathtub or shower to absorb body fluids as you exit after taking a bath. To avoid sliding, they have a rubber backing on cotton construction.

2. Toweling Mat

We typically place this incredibly thin mat outside of a bathtub or shower to soak up any water that may spill when taking a bath. It can be used in the bathroom’s dryer sections. It is simple to handle and replace when you want to give your bathroom a fresh look because it resembles a towel. A towelling mat, which is portable to any area of the bathroom, keeps the floor and your feet dry.

4. Contour Mat

We have trimmed this fluffy mat into a U shape to fit around the toilet. This mat should keep the floor close to the toilet warm, besides preventing any spills or misting.

What Color Mat Is Best?

Many people don’t always think of the bathroom as a place to showcase their sense of style for home decor, but it’s just as important as any other room, especially if it opens onto your master bedroom or is a powder room that gives you the opportunity to coordinate decor with the rest of the house.

You can go with simple hues or exotic patterns, but you want your mat to complement the rest of the bathroom’s decor and bring the space together while still showcasing your distinct style. Because they don’t overpower the eye, smaller mats are excellent for patterns. showcasing your distinct style. Because they don’t overpower the eye, smaller mats are excellent for patterns.

For instance, you might decide to transform your bathroom into a chic, spa-like space with calming blue and green tones meant to evoke the colors of the ocean. Your best bet might be a solid hue or pattern in these colors, with simple geometric forms.

Alternately, you might decide to match the soft, feminine design of your bedroom with that of your bathroom. You could pick a flowery mat in soft hues in this situation. Your bathroom floor mat should include the colors of your accessories, including your towels, shower curtain, window curtains, and any other colors used in the space, besides improving the overall aesthetic of the space. It has a large variety of bath mats.

Where Do You Want the Mat Placed? Measure it

To begin, measure the entire bathroom and the area of the floor where you intend to place the mat, which is typically in the middle of the room or near the bathtub, to minimize slipping on the tile floor.

If you choose a rug that is too small, it may not only appear out of place but also pose a safety risk if water leaks onto the tile as you exit the shower or bathtub. If you choose a mat that is too big, it might not lay flat around your bathroom fixtures, and it might also take center stage in the space and overshadow other decorations.

You can choose a rectangle, square, round, or abstract-shaped mat using the measurements you have taken. A mat that is 17″ by 24″ works nicely in front of pedestal sinks or shower stalls, while a mat that is 21″ by 34″ looks great outside most bathtubs.

Materials for Mats

One of the most crucial procedures in selecting the material for your bath mat. Keep in mind that they will probably expose it to water every day, so it must be resilient if you want it to endure for a long time.

Although they are absorbent, cotton carpets are very popular and usually dry off quickly. They are soft, making them feel like a cozy wrap for delicate feet. Egyptian cotton mats are even softer to the touch and more absorbent.

As an alternative, you may choose mats made of a different material, such as chenille. These mats are not as soft as cotton, but because of their water resistance, they don’t sustain the same water damage over time as cotton mats might.


Finally, think about your bathroom mat’s safety features. You should make sure it won’t slide around easily if young children will use it, especially if it gets wet. If the mats are anti-bacterial or have memory foam for increased comfort and support, these are two more aspects you might think about.


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