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Services of Dementia care in India, Comparison to the World.

Dementia is a wide term for a group of brain illnesses that produce a long-term, typically gradual deterioration in thinking and memory. It is characterized by the individual’s progressive loss of mental. It’s one of the conditions that seem to be getting worse at an alarming rate. India is one of the top three countries in the world for dementia care in India, with about 4.1 million people living with the disease out of a total of 47 million worldwide. (2015 World Alzheimer’s Report)

Therapeutic for such a progressive ailment necessitates a balance of treatment approaches to ensure that the people’s quality of life is preserved. The treatment of dementia care is primarily targeted at postponing the start or reducing the advancement of the ailment, despite the fact that death is unavoidable.

Many new projects and initiatives have been launched in various nations throughout the world to provide care to persons suffering from dementia. Here are a few examples:

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Dementia Care Across the World

Community services:

Respite care, memory cafes, daycare centres, and support groups are all commonplace in other countries. When managing and catering to the demands of a dementia patient at the dementia care homes on one’s own becomes difficult, they are used.


It is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping people with cognitive and developmental problems regarding dementia. It’s a therapeutic atmosphere designed to provide high levels of stimulation to dementia patients in order to quiet their aggressive behavior and allow relaxation.

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Dementia villages- 

They are a type of living facility developed specifically for dementia sufferers to ensure that they can continue to live their lives normally and meaningfully. Dementia-trained service providers and vendors surround them, such as beauticians and merchants, to ensure that day-to-day activities are carried out in a dignified manner.

Cities that are dementia-friendly include: 

Dementia caregivers and patients are frequently secluded from society. There are a few places in town that cater to people of all ages. Efforts are being made, however, to make cities and towns dementia friendly in order to better integrate people into the community. Bruges, Belgium, and London, for example.

Dementia Care in India 

However, India is just now acknowledging that dementia is a big and rising problem that requires special care and attention. The Alzheimer’s and Related Disorders Society of India (ARDSI) is one of the largest organisations in India dedicated to giving knowledge and resources as well as building memory clinics, respite care, and training programmes. Other projects include:

Dementia Day Care Centre – 

Dementia day care centres: These facilities can be found in cities such as Kolkata, Delhi, Kerela, Patna, Mumbai, Faridabad, Chennai, Bangalore, and Thane, and offer services such as engaging dementia patients in a variety of simple activities, taking them on monthly outings, and conducting timely assessments to track their progress. Some even schedule physiotherapy treatments and work with attendants and dietitians to take care of their personal hygiene and wellness.

Home-based interventions

We all know that it is helpful and comfortable for a dementia patient to remain in their familiar family setting and near to their loved ones for as long as feasible. Some organisations provide professional services by professionals with training in psychology and gerontology, with a focus on employing non-pharmacological methods for mind stimulation to aid dementia sufferers in the comfort of their own homes. These treatments have been shown to slow the disease’s course.


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