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YouTube vs. TikTok

Leverage your last video and you shall be the next big fad because the power of video content is such that people get a taste of your personality. Regardless, the dilemma lies in determining which platform can be the best host? Is it YouTube or Tiktok! 

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With an explicit market dominance and massive viewership, youtube has been holding its stance since its launch (2005). Tiktok on the other hand arrived a little late (2017) but made it to the popular list pretty soon. One of the prime rationales behind the prosperity of the two platforms is that both applications are capable of spawning passive income. For non-believers of passive income, there are plenty of other added picks.

Attributes of Youtube

YouTube has something for every kind of user, be it entry-level or a whiz. From video editing tools to chat functionality and monetization, you name it and youtube has it. With brilliant copyright protection and separate links for hashtags, YouTube is beyond ordinary ingenuity. Youtube has brought a YouTube sports platform page for die-hard fans of sports. It has even released a YouTube TV and music platform for music enthusiasts. YouTube is a big buzz for premiers and almost 70% of the people who search reviews of the products over YouTube generally tend to buy them. However, YouTube provoked an interesting faceoff with Tiktok in the name of the youtube shorts which became entirely viral and is among the top features of this live streaming platform.

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Elements of TikTok

With plenty of easily operable features, TikTok amasses a range of entertainment skits. Video Uploading, editing, beauty filters, AR effects, sharing over social platforms, liking and commenting, push notifications, creating duets, react, hashtags, live streaming, scanning, Geolocation, video preview and real-time analytics, all these aspects have just alleviated the application to acquire its user base. The minimum age limit to use TikTok is 13 years just like YouTube.

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A prominent disparity between the two platforms is that Youtube underlines the concept of extended videos while TikTok on shorter videos. Therefore, there is a massive watch time variation between both. The algorithm of YouTube favours a wider spectrum of content druthers. If we compare the user base of YouTube and TikTok, Youtube has a more diverse audience (Gen Z, kids Millennials and Baby Boomers) with over two billion monthly users. On the contrary, TikTok registers around 1 billion monthly users with most of the users subsiding into the category of young millennials or Gen Z. Another factor of paramount importance is the content monetization wherein YouTube authorizes creators to monetize their content with an ad revenue model, Tiktok doesn’t work on the ad revenue model. TikTok rewards its creators based on the level of engagement and authenticity of views concerning numbers.

Verdict Time!

If you are someone who is looking for brand awareness and sports verbiage, Youtube is undoubtedly your cup of tea. For all other users who enjoy an unabridged edition of quickies, you know where to preside.

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