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5 best 4th of July promotion ideas for your repair business

With American Independence Day right around the corner, you need your A game out. You’ll also witness several businesses trying to capitalize on this occasion.

In case you’re still pondering over offering any promotion, be mindful of the aforementioned fact. Use your computer repair shop software to send out marketing campaigns.

Holidays make a great space for you to capture more customers. The reason for this is that people feel relaxed and have the time to get things done. In a normal situation, this time is otherwise utilized by daily tasks.

This is the country’s biggest holiday and involves barbeque and outdoor gatherings. This year, following the outfall of Covid-19, it feels like a little different theme for celebrations will take hold. You can also check the buying trends in your point of sale front desk prices software.

Are you planning to launch any promotional offers around the Fourth of July? It’s imperative that you adjust your strategy to address the general vibe in and around your store’s vicinity.

So, without further ado, let’s underline the steps you can take. And how they can be beneficial for your repair store.

Know Your Competitor’s Promotional Offers

If your competitors are not offering any such promotions, try to get collaborative with them. Try to establish a strategic partnership with them to increase your shop’s clientele. You can monitor certain services using your repair shop software.

Basic word-of-mouth referrals can put your computer repair business into a profitable position. You can easily lock these customers with your offers, a captivating way to poach your competitor’s clients.

If your offers are good enough, these clients can now become your regulars. Meaning, a numerical increase in short-term and possibly long-term clientele.

In case your competition is offering 4th of July promotions, you can deal with this in two manners. You can either try to lowball it with your own offers. Or propose a promotional activity on services that your competitors are not offering.

Basically, use your computer repair shop software to let your customers know that you’re open to take on new clients. No matter where they come from, or whichever their previous computer repair shop was. All that matters is that your customer base needs to increase and with it, your revenues as well!

Marketing of Promotional Campaign

You can easily create different bundles for services and repairs by tapping into your point of sale software. It can inform you of your most selling services and repair parts. This enables you to have a targeted approach in capturing more clients. And generating additional revenue! 

Send out special discount offers on services your customers have used in the past. Let them know about a special price for returning customers and referrals. This way you can get customers for specific services and repair parts.

Another way is to reach out to clients, informing them of the promotional offers your customers are missing out on. Send out newsletters containing positive testimonials via emails and increase your footfall. 

Generally, holidays are not work-intensive and your employees are also going to look for reasons to enjoy their time off. However, this is the most opportune time to stay in the shop as several repair stores remain shut during these holidays. Easily monitor this difference using your computer repair shop software.

If you manage to create an ultimate bundle that your clients will want. Send out text messages highlighting the bundle with the amount they have to pay. And how much they get to save!

Additionally, you can also put up banners and hand out flyers to get more customers away from your competition. And right into your shop!

Competitive Pricing with Timely Delivery

Do the necessary research within your locality and shortlist your competitors and their services. If you do so, you’d easily be able to evaluate your next move. 

Focus your employee’s time on repairing tasks, while you focus on getting more clients. This way, neither the pricing structure gets affected, nor missing any due dates. Your point of sale software can handle the rest. 

In addition, get yourself active on social networks to highlight your promotional offers for 4th of July. You may get inclined towards placing paid ads as well. If your research reveals that the returns on your promotion are pretty sound, then great! Move ahead with paid ads.

One thing about the American consumers you may have found out by now: they’ll accessorize and personalize just about anything! Create a promotional offer that capitalizes on the enthusiasm of your clients. Make sure to offer innovative add-ons with reasonable prices.

Social Media is key to your promotion’s success

First thing is first, your potential customers are searching online for computer repair services. Be mindful of the fact that your clients research local businesses (and your competitors) before setting an appointment up in a brick and mortar store.

A crucial fact: Have your website optimized using the right keywords and phrases your clients may type to find businesses like yours. A repair shop software can help in this regard.

Moreover, it becomes equally important that your website is mobile friendly. Meaning  your website is properly optimized for mobile searches. Particularly, if your potential customers are someone who’d be searching for these services on their handheld devices.

Plan Online 4th of July Promotions

After you optimize your website to rank on popular searches of your industry. You need to use these keywords when you run your marketing campaigns as well. Especially the ones that cover the 4th of July Promotions.

Keep one eye on social media for similar promotions and try to find out which ones are working. Align your own promotional posts with them. This way, you’ll be able to handle the influx of queries and estimates.

Do post pictures of your repair store and employees celebrating the American Independence Day! Wish everyone a happy holiday and share your patriotic posts with the right look.

People searching for services you’re offering, use the right hashtags to give your repair store the spotlight you’re looking for! 

Some examples of what might be trending are:

#July4th, #4thofJuly, #AmericasIndependenceDay, #redwhiteandblue, #July4thSale, #fireworks and #America.


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