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5 Best Stair Tile Ideas & Designs

Imagine having an amazing house, but the stair do not match the interior or ambiance. Won’t it disappoint the visitors? They may not get upset, but they aren’t going to love it either. 

In a multi-story apartment, stairs are an inevitable element, and stair tiles show your creative and unique taste for home decor. So, you need to know first what ambiance is created by each style of tiles.
In the following discussion, you will learn about some tiles design ideas for stairs. 

What type of tiles will be the best?

There are several types of tiles for your stairs. You will find their specialties in the following section:

Granite Tile: Best for outdoor 

This tile will be best for your house stairs if you have any allergy issues. This type of tile will decrease your chance of illnesses, including the cold, fever, and seasonal flu.

You may find these tiles a little bit tough to install. But taking care of these is quite a cup of tea. The natural color scheme and decorations would already give it a distinctive appearance to your stairs, and its glittering quartz lends it a brilliant appeal and a fashion-forward attitude.

Additionally, In the hot summer, these tiles are exceptionally cooling. Besides, moisture damaging your tiles would not be a concern anymore. These tiles give you a water-resistant surface. 

Best Features

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Carries cool temperature


  • Exceptionally Durable
  • Great for wet areas

Ceramic tiles: Finest for farmhouse stairs

You may create a wood, hard stone, or hardwood design and print it on these tiles. Even you have the option to shape these into other forms, such as triangles or rectangles.

Mediterranean or Southwest-style homes frequently have these tile patterns on their stairs and floors. These are quite easy to clean, so you can always keep your stairs shiny.

A well-maintained stair can serve you hundreds of years only if it has a good installation. And, if a single one even breaks, replacing these is comparatively easier. 

Best Features

  • Durable
  • Mediterranean home style


  • Can be designed or shaped 

Wood-like tiles: Amazing vintage-looking stairs

Do you love the rural vibe at your house? Applying wood-like tiles on your stairs will give you this type of vibe. These tiles are extremely robust and scratch-resistant. So, these won’t get obvious scratches or stains from your children or pets. 

You will find these tiles in a variety of designs and are environmentally friendly as well. For your stairs, you may choose from a variety of wood finishes, including white oak, maple, pine, or dark walnut.

A wood resembling tile can complement your chosen aesthetic finish, whether for a farmhouse or contemporary residence.


  • Wood-finish tiles
  • Robust and scratch-resistant 


  • Aesthetic ambiance
  • Good for environment

Self-adhesive vinyl tiles: Great for in-house stairs

One of the most flexible tile options in the market is self-adhesive vinyl tiles. As you install these, you will find a reflection of natural materials from your stairs. The good characteristic of paint, elasticity, firmness, and shine will keep you mesmerized.

Installing these tiles on your stairs is the easiest. It just involves peeling and sticking. Another amazing quality is that you can take them off any time if you need to replace or remove them from your stairs.

Best Features

  • Durable 
  • Waterproof


  • Quick installation
  • Affordable
  • Easy remove and replace

Porcelain tiles: Best choice for swimming pool 

If you are looking for a slip-resistant option for your stairs, these are going to be the best option for you. These tiles are non-slip and also water-resistant. It makes these tiles the best option for your outdoor or poolside stairs.

You can even easily clean these with just some water wipes. And the pretty shine on them makes them look luxurious. You will get diverse options to design them and make your house pretty according to your preference.

Best Features

  • Slip-resistant, waterproof
  • Suitable for both watery and dry surfaces


  • Easy to clean
  • Many designs option

To wrap up

You find different types of tiles in the market that are unique in their way. Some are unimaginably durable, some are affordable, and some are easiest to install. Your visitors will know your classy taste and trendy style from your stair tiles. 

So, you must choose wisely which tile you would love to use and give your house an aesthetic and sophisticated outlook.


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