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5 Important Reasons Why Divorce Rate is increasing

At the start of 2022, thousands of divorce cases have been reported and it clearly reveals that the divorce rate is increasing in our society. Sometimes, couples ask why they can’t make it together as there should be solutions other than divorce. Couples who do not want their children to suffer from the issues of broken families usually have, they prefer to live separately without signing the divorce papers.

However, isn’t it important to know the reasons behind the increasing rate of divorce? In this blog, we have unveiled some common factors that often cause divorce. Let’s dive into details:


Do you really think that a person can tolerate abuse for a long time? When we talk about abuse, a common perception is that females are the victim however this is not the case in every marriage. Abuse is not always about physical torture but verbal abuse also exists.

Marriage is all about trusting and giving respect to each other but when couples start abusing each other in the form of criticism and bad language, issues begin from here, and then the wife or husband contacts a divorce lawyer to get rid of the abusive life.


People usually fantasize a happy married life but this is possible with mental stability and a normal daily routine. Addiction to alcohol or other drugs can ruin a happy married life because a drug addict can never be a good husband or wife. If you are planning to get married, we suggest you do not choose a person who has been involved in drug addiction activities.

As per a survey, an addicted person can never ensure a happy married life because he always finds relief in drugs and loses mental stability from not getting drugs. So, we can say drug addiction is the main reason behind the increasing divorce rate.

Less Compatibility

There can be issues in understanding each other. The difference in opinion is fine but not respecting others’ points of view can lead to problems. It is important for a healthy relationship to have good compatibility because respecting each other’s opinions is vital. Lack of compatibility is not healthy and it is also causing divorce problems.

Mental Issues

If a person is not mentally sane or suffers from different mental issues, ensuring a healthy married life is not possible. If you are in a relationship and your partner is suffering from depression or stress, it is important to understand his situation and support him throughout the period. You can rely on psychic reading for knowing the success rate of marriage and then take the decision accordingly.

Financial Issues

When partners fight with each other on financial issues, they disturb the peaceful environment and a small dispute can lead to multiple problems. When a wife has to bear all household expenses and the husband doesn’t work at all, issues begin from this point because it can be difficult for a single person to bear all expenses. In short, these are a few reasons that often lead to divorce.


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