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5 Plumbing Problems Every Vintage House Owner Should Know About

Old homes have an undeniable charm and character. And prospective buyers might look at such a house & think some tender loving and care can fix all their problems. But these problems run deeper than just appearances. On the surface, it might seem renovations to the outside will fix all the issues but it has several structural problems that compromise the health and safety of the ones living there. And one of the biggest problems in these old homes is plumbing issues.

Yet, people in Narre Warren looking to buy their first homes find old houses to be an attractive option. Are you planning on buying an old house in Narre Warren? Then keep an eye out for any of these plumbing problems that are a common feature in most old houses.

Common Plumbing Problems Found in Old Houses

Some buyers consider buying an old house because of its historic appeal, while others generally do so because they are not as expensive as a completely redone home. No matter the reason for your purchase, if the house is more than three decades old, there is a high chance that it might have serious plumbing problems. But being aware of possible problems can help you stay prepared. It’ll also help you understand the costs involved in fixing them.

Continue to scroll for a list of some of the most common plumbing problems that old house owners in Narre Warren often face.

Corroded Pipes

Modern-day houses use PVC pipes for plumbing and drainage system installations. But the older your home, the higher the chances that its plumbing system uses outdated materials such as polybutylene, galvanised steel, or lead. All of these materials were pathbreakers in plumbing technology in the old times. However, these materials are not sustainable & corrode/leak easily. If ignored, they can also eventually affect the structural integrity of your house. Connect with your plumber in Narre Warren to find out the condition of the pipes in the old home you’re buying or considering and learn more about how to fix them, the costs involved and more.

Low Water Pressure

Old plumbing and lack of maintenance can lead to deposits collecting inside the pipes and even corrosion. It, in turn, gives rise to water pressure problems. Low water pressure can make even the most common household chores seem like a hassle. It also damages home appliances like washing machines and dishwashers, which depend on water for running. Therefore, you should address them at the earliest. You can check the water pressure by turning on a shower or a tap. Consult with a plumber to check the pipes in your home if the water pressure is lower than usual.

Outdated Plumbing Fixtures

As the new owner of your vintage home, you need to prepare yourself since your newly purchased house will need extensive repair work and renovation. It is true for the house’s plumbing fixtures such as taps, pipes, faucets, washers, handles and valves. Since their installation, these fixtures have gone through extensive usage and, thus, experience much wear and tear. As a result, with time, these fixtures might develop leakage. It, in turn, leads to unnaturally high water and utility bills and, in some cases, also gives rise to foul smells. Therefore, you must get these fixtures checked by your plumber at the earliest and have them replaced if necessary.

Damaged Sewer Lines

If there are large trees around your property, their roots may have penetrated your sewer or plumbing lines. A mere glance at the property’s surface will not help you correctly assess the damage caused. A definitive assessment is possible only through proper inspection using specialised tools. And hence, you must consult with your local plumber in Narre Warren to have a look at your plumbing system. They’ll inspect the installation and suggest any other necessary repair works.

Clogged Drains

If your house is older than three decades, there is a chance that the plumbing system has faced multiple repairs. The fate of your plumbing system relies on the ones who have fixed the drains and pipes. Moreover, poor maintenance in the past makes it highly likely that your vintage or fixer-upper home has clogged drains or pipes. With time and use, accumulation of deposits and corrosion of the plumbing system leads to clogging of your drainage system.  This issue requires immediate attention and fast resolution as it can cause several problems. These problems include sewer backflow, foul odours emanating from the pipes, damaging your water-based appliances, and others. To avoid these problems entirely, you must get your drainage system checked by your plumber at the earliest.

Find Trusted Local Plumbers in Narre Warren

The charm and character of vintage homes make them a popular choice. However, these charming houses come with several hidden problems. One of the most pressing concerns homeowners face is plumbing issues. But staying prepared will make it easier to mitigate. The first step in countering these problems is finding a reliable local plumber in Narre Warren with extensive experience handling such projects.

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