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5 Tips to Deliver World-Class Customer Service Using Service Now

Customer service plays a crucial role in determining the quality of an organization. With the changing times, the demand for the best customer service has increased rapidly in every industry, and it spans every organization.

Companies such as Apple, Netflix, and Amazon, known for their best customer service, are famously associated with a customer-grade experience. Nowadays, companies work their best to provide the best customer service they can by putting their whole efforts and making the experience hassle-free for customers. The fruitful result is personalized content, integrated technology, and consumer goods that arrive quickly, sometimes even on the day when the order is placed.

This is even the case for businesses and enterprises historically infamous for their unfriendly customer services like software, telecom, and healthcare industries. This is where ServiceNow services come into play, assisting industries in providing the best customer experience. You can’t deliver an applauding customer experience without good customer service. Many companies resolve our issue with the bills within minutes, while some keep us on hold for days and sometimes even months.

Below are the five tips that would help you to deliver world-class customer service using Service Now: –

·        Delivery speed and efficiency

Efficient and quick customer service is always a good idea. Organizations must provide fast and efficient services to catch consumers’ attention and make them happy. Along with friendly service, customers demand speed, convenience, and efficiency. Long wait times continue to be the primary reason customers give a bad review to the customer service of a company. In a survey, more than half of the respondents said they would not wait more than 10 minutes on hold before aborting the conversation with the customer service agent and hanging up.

Some companies leverage custom software development services to facilitate self-service, which is crucial in delivering quick and efficient service.

·        Interconnecting the entire organization

Companies need critical work in this area as they continue to lag in interconnecting with the customers. Communication and collaboration are significant in resolving the most complex problems and developing good customer service, ultimately leading to a great customer experience. According to research by Service Now, almost 70% of the customers responded that they had to switch between multiple channels and repeat their concerns more than thrice before their request was resolved. This shows us the necessity of interconnecting the entire organization.

Morally, interconnecting the entire organization also helps maintain a sense of dignity among the company employees. They tend to work together for the company’s better growth and provide a better service to their customers.

·        Provide empathy and personalization

If an organization wants to hold back its old customers and encourage new customers to join and become regulars, it needs to show empathy and personalization toward the customers who seek its help. Sometimes, customers reach out to organizations during challenging and stressful times. During these times, an organization must deal

with customers optimistically and show them that the company oversees their problems as its own. Negative interaction may result in the customer switching to another brand when given an unsatisfactory response. According to reports, financial services and retailers are most likely to change brands due to bad customer experience.

Personalization is key in connecting with customers and providing them homely comfort while they share their problems. Companies performed slightly better in personalization, but there is still a need for many improvements.

·        Provide self-service to customers

In today’s direct-to-consumer and subscription business models, self-service has become crucial. AI-powered virtual agents and an efficient next-level self-service resource catalog can positively impact customer engagement in this area. The self-service feature helps create a visual service catalog of popular and common requests and services from which customers can choose, like Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), allowing work to be directly subjugated to the highly qualified teams for support and quick issue resolution. Using the self-service feature has generated primarily positive reviews, with people acclaiming the rapid and efficient nature of the feature.

·        Proactive customer service

With technological advancement, a customer expects that his issue is resolved before it is addressed. This is where being proactive help. All customer-serving employees, network operations, field service technicians, and customer service agents must discover the problem affecting the customers. These employees must be well equipped to trigger a case when they detect a potential issue and fully see its resolution. By being proactive, the employees can reach out to customers and let them know their problems and when they will be resolved. These measures would save the company employees from getting tons of texts, calls, and emails from customers wanting to know the status update.

This area of customer service management would work just fine with the help of automation. The automated features would help interconnect the right teams and resources and resolve the issue rapidly, even before the customers experience them. The need for customers to report their problems would end and save both the employees and the customers’ time.


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