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6 Ways To Enhance Your Resume Using Coursework

Making a resume can be a daunting task for freshers with no work experience. It is at this point that education and coursework come in, and in today’s article, you will learn 6 ways to enhance your resume, using coursework. Showcasing your most scholarly projects can give you that extra edge to make you reach that interview round. Putting your most impressive coursework on your resume for the employer to see can give you a good first impression, and increase the chances of you being considered for the position you have applied for. One must be careful that he/she lists only the coursework that is relevant to the position applied for.

Before adding a particular detail to a resume, put yourself in the shoes of the employer and ask yourself – ‘Is this skill useful for the post the candidate has applied for?’ If your answer is yes, only then, go ahead with mentioning that detail in your resume.

Instead of putting in a thousand efforts to build a resume from scratch, one can easily use resume writing services to make your work easier. It enables one to focus on what he/she wants to put on the resume. In this article, there are 6 ways to enhance your resume and make it look savvy.

  • Use Proper Formatting

When specifying your achievements, awards, courses, or degrees, it is necessary that all details are formatted properly. A sloppy resume only leads to a bad resume, and that isn’t something anyone wants.

One can use standard lists, mix-and-match lists, or bulleted lists to show off their education level and coursework. If you have attempted an examination to gain a certification, be sure to mention the exam as well.

Example –

Bachelor of Business Administration

Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore

Oct 2011 – Jul 2014

Relevant courses –

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Data Science
  • Human Resources

Using resume writing services will definitely relieve you of the stress of formatting your document, and thus, it is suggested that users use reliable resume development services.

  • Keep It Short And Sweet

Many job-seekers are under the illusion that employers and hiring managers have all the time in the world to leisurely go through each resume they receive. The decision of shortlisting a candidate is taken within seconds, not even minutes.

One might feel that a long-winded description of education and qualifications will impress an employer, but in reality, it is otherwise. Keeping things concise, clear, and simple increases the chances of the employer selecting you for an interview. While you might be very tempted to mention each detail, writing short descriptions shows the employer that you know what exactly is needed and what is not.

Highlight only the points relevant to the job you are applying for; unnecessary descriptions will lead to rejection.

  • Don’t Use A One-Size-Fits-All Approach

Just as different people require different shoe sizes, different jobs have different requirements, and this is something every job-seeker must know. While resume writing services in India are using different AI and human intelligence-based techniques to make each resume unique, it is also needed that each resume is distinctive – not like thousands of other resumes in the market.

Having a basic format for your resume is great, but you need to make minor alterations to your resume before sending it in. Do a little research on the company you are applying to, try to understand its work culture and ethics, and requirements. Tailor your resume accordingly. Using a one-size-fits-all approach will only get your resume rejected at the very first stage of screening. Include relevant coursework; eliminate all mentions of irrelevant courses or projects.

  • Use Numbers

Merely stating the year you passed out from college isn’t enough. Employers want to see numbers. Give them numbers! Show them proof of what you’ve achieved. Include pointers like your examination marks/percentage, GPA, and project grades in your resume along with the name of the educational institution, and see how your chances of getting selected skyrocket to the next level.

  • Read, Re-Read And Proofread Your Resume

With so many resume writing services in India incorporating error detection mechanisms in their process, it has become easier to pinpoint silly errors in a resume. Once you are done preparing your resume, read it and check it for –

  • Grammatical Errors
  • Document Formatting
  • Accuracy of education, qualification, and work experience details and dates

Always try to ensure that you proofread your resume at least once before sending it in. After all, nobody wants to read a resume filled with grammatical errors, right?

  • Use Keywords

Technology has found its way into all domains, including the domain of Human Resource Management. According to research by Capterra, 75% of recruiters use the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) in their hiring process. The numbers increase significantly when it comes to fortune 500 companies. This system acts as a sieve, going through each resume the company receives and sorting them according to keywords present in them. For example, the keywords required for the post of an SEO optimizer might be SEO, Alt Text, Meta Description, Google Analytics, Yoast by WordPress, Ranking, and Ahrefs. If a resume doesn’t contain any of these keywords or phrases, it would be automatically rejected by the ATS.

Luckily, there is a way to avoid being rejected by the ATS. Read the job advertisement carefully and note down the job-related words used in it. Try to use similar words in your resume. Also, if you include these words in your coursework section, it might create a huge difference in your job.

To Sum It All Up

  • If you have little or no work experience, adding details to your coursework can turn out to be very advantageous.
  • Value the space on your resume. Just that you have one or two pages of empty space does not mean you can cram all your information in it. Remember, short is sweet. So keep it short, sweet, and concise.
  • You might’ve done many courses, but the employer needs just a few. So pick relevant courses and coursework wisely.
  • Don’t use more than one or two sentences to describe anything.
  • Utilise resume writing services to create a resume as it saves your time, and libe
  • rates you from the hassle of having to format your resume to perfection.


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