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7 Expert B2B Instagram Marketing Strategies To Grow Your Brand

Gone are the days when Instagram is only for entertainment. With over 1.21 billion active users, it is evident that Instagram has a huge audience base, which opens a vast opportunity to attract the audience. Instagram is one of the preferred business platforms for B2B marketers, where they can learn more about the vendors and analyze the best ones. If you are a marketer thinking of using Instagram as a platform for B2B, it serves as the right choice for your brand. 

As a marketer, you must create a great impression among the audience. It will make you enhance your visibility and boost your sales. Moreover, you can buy instagram impressions to amplify your brand’s reach. Let us know the essential B2B marketing strategies relevant to today’s business world. Let’s get started!

7 B2B Instagram Marketing Strategies 

1. Market Research

Research is the foundation step to leveling a business to the next level. Yet, nearly 80% of the B2B buyers spend more than half of their project hours on research only. The research will help you step forward and guide you on how to go with the step-by-step process starting from product production until product launch and monitoring sales. 

2. Strategize Your Goals

After research, you need to define your goals with a clear mindset. Pick your definite purpose that aligns with the audience’s interests. Also, create engaging, well-thought content which easily connects with your customer. You should have set guidelines on B2B marketing. Share your real stories, and be authentic and professional with user-generated content. 

3. Increase Traffic To The Site

It is more important to build trust among the audience. You should present your organization by displaying the company culture and people behind it. Post the right shoppable content with high-quality standards to build credibility. The pictures of the post should have high resolution. 

In addition, to drive more traffic to your site, add the website link with a perfect landing page in your bio. It will help more viewers visit your site and know better about your products and services. Moreover, you have to regularly post images or videos to make them stay connected with your company. It would be best to add a call to action in your videos. Apart from this, your company can also make Instagram ads to drive more followers. You can make your followers participate in your digital campaigns. 

4. Use Influencer Marketing 

One right influencer will help you to increase your brand engagement rate. About 11% of the B2B brands have started working on influencer marketing programs. So, it is the right time to enter the B2B market with influencer support. As this insanely helpful idea is only aware to a few marketers, you can try and utilize it to the fullest. Some of the marketing ideas are as follows, 

  • Turn your clients into influencers by hosting Instagram live programs
  • Publish case studies and blogs and share them with your clients. Ask them to share on their feeds.
  • Collaborate with influencers and create blogs, Instagram videos, and other informative content. 

5. Share Customer Experience Or Success Stories

If a buyer wants to purchase your product, the first thing they look for is your testimonial. However, it would be time-consuming for the buyers to visit your web pages and check for the testimonials. So if you post the success stories or testimonials on your Instagram page, it will be more beneficial for the viewers. At the same time, it builds credibility among viewers and enhances your brand presence. 

6. Run An Instagram Ad Campaign 

Nearly 38% of B2B marketers run Instagram ad campaigns to promote products and services better. If you create an ad campaign on your Instagram account, you can reach a broader audience base, and it is easy to find your target audience. Your potential customers will enter the links of the CTA given in the ad and explore more about your company. Instagram ad campaigns will nurture leads and promote your selling. As a brand, if you are looking to boost your social media marketing campaign, then try using EarnViews for better results.

7. Use The Appointment Booking Feature 

The booking feature seems to be a superb way for B2B marketers to drive more attention from buyers. It is proven to be the best CTA button for Instagram business pages. However, this option is only available for Instagram business accounts. Brands can directly add appointments or booking sections to their account. You can see the ‘book now’ option on the action button section of your Instagram business account. You shall enable it and develop your business! Once the follower clicks on the book button, it redirects them to the external landing pages of a website, where it will make the entire booking process. 

Wrapping Up

If you are unique, you can stand out as a good brand from the crowd. So try to be on the trend and use new features to stay on top of the online business market. In today’s scenario, people are not looking for pointless content. So as a B2B brand, you need to understand the market and post the content accordingly. To improve your business, you need to analyze the metrics properly. It will provide you with an overview of how well your performance is and how much exposure your company has. Therefore, consider some important tips mentioned in the above article and try implementing them in upcoming posts to gain popularity. 


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