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8 Ways to Style Patchwork Jeans

Laborers in the United States used to originally wear jeans in their daily lives especially when they were at work. They used to wear single jeans for several days as they did not get dirty or ripped so easily. People wear jeans all around the world today.

At least one pair of jeans is available in every person’s wardrobe. There are many types of jeans available in stores today. From flamboyant bell bottoms, and cool mom jeans to skinny jeans, loose-fit jeans, regular-fit jeans, and many more are being styled by fashion enthusiasts.

These days patchwork jeans are a lot in fashion. People are styling it in different ways whether creating a boho look or retro look or even an artsy look. Not gonna lie, patchwork jeans look super cute and stylish on everyone no matter how you style them.

As we see countless celebrities and fashion influencers styling it into their daily lives, you should also definitely go for it. So if you are ready to look cute and fashionable in patchwork jeans, we have a useful guide for you!

8 ways to look chic in patchwork jeans

Following are the 8 ways to style patchwork for jeans.

1. A crisp white tee with patchwork jeans

Patchwork jeans give an effortlessly voguish look, so it would be preferred not to go for some floral top with them. Styling it with a crisp white tee would make you appear elegant.

2. Two shade patchwork jeans

If you think that wearing two-shade patchwork would make you look dumb, girl you need to keep yourself updated with the trend then. Two-shade patchwork is quite mainstream these days.

Make sure when you are making up your mind to wear it, Keep it as minimalistic as possible. You can style it with a decent blazer and high heels.

3. Keep it classy, ladies!

Styling patchwork jeans will give you a classy look in winter or if you are living in a place where it is cold. There are innumerable ways to style it in cold.

If you want to follow up the trend then you can either style it with an oversized sweater or a double-breasted coat. Also, match your scarf and heels with the same hue as your top to give it a chic look.

4. Boho look with patchwork jeans

It is must-have pair of jeans for boho girls. It is time to elevate your patchwork game by buying a pair of patchwork jeans that has a sprinkle of boho on it.

If you can’t find one or the way you want then you can get custom embroidered patches or DIY it by yourself. You can either add vibrant hues and tribal prints to the upper part of your jeans or feature them as bell bottoms of your jeans.

Be as creative as you want. Also adding the colorful print to the pocket of jeans will level up the look. There is also another way to turn your simple jeans into boho patchwork jeans. You can cut small pieces of flamboyant colored cloth and stitch them all over your jeans.

Styling it with one shade or multi-shade flat gladiator sandals would be comfy yet aesthetic.

5. Double denim look

The double denim look can be very tricky. Many people want to try it but are often too afraid to give it a shot. You must go for it. Life is too short, so have fun and don’t miss a chance of trying this look.

To keep your denim jacket and patchwork jeans look on point, wear a white or black-hued simple shirt inside to make it appear more wearable.

You can also wear a red or one-shade crop top under a denim jacket if you are going for an evening date or party. Don’t forget to wear high heel boots of the same tone as your shirt. It would give you a more perfect look.

6. Dichromatic patchwork jeans

If you are bored of looking at yourself in monochromatic patchwork jeans, no worries! Go now for the dichromatic patchwork jeans. These days girls are rocking their Instagram feed with aesthetic vibes by posting their cool pictures in brown patchwork jeans. You must try this instagrammable look.

One way to style this is to wear a black hoodie with a pair of classy sunglasses and sneakers. Keep your hair open in this look.

Another way is, to wear a white crop-top, baggy light-hued jacket, and white footgear. Style your hair in a sleek ponytail.

The third method to appear modish, especially in summers is to style your brown patchwork jeans with a white sports bra and white sneakers. Accessorize it with an elegant necklace and a pair of shades. Curly beach hair would be a perfect hairstyle

Don’t forget to post your photos in this aesthetic look to catch up with the trend.

7. Cute patches to make you look cuter

Even if you think that you are no longer young then wearing cute patchwork jeans will bring youthfulness to you. Cute patches stitched to jeans keep chill vibes. Cartoons, flowers, emojis, and countless choices are there.

If you want a specific type of patch that you can’t find it anywhere, seek help from custom patches UK. For this look, try baggy jeans or cool mom jeans rather than skinny jeans to make it more outstanding.

8. Stay monochrome with dichromate patchwork jeans

As we discussed above how you can look chic in dichromate patchwork jeans. Another way to style this is to stay monochrome with it.

Dressing in brown patchwork jeans along with a brown top or a brown jacket with a white top will boost the coolness of tenfolds. You can also wear both a top and a jacket in a brown shade. Style this look with white footwear. Lastly, complete this hot look with brown or nude shade nail paint and lipstick.

Final thoughts

So these were the 8 ways to look chic by styling patchwork for jeans. All these methods of styling are trendy so, you should go for them too. You can find the patchwork jeans of your desired shape, patch, and color in stores and online.

Which one did inspire you the most?


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