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A Mom’s Guide to Buying Baby Boy’s Clothes

Many moms are excited to go shopping for their baby’s clothes, even if the baby is still inside their wombs. This is because shopping for baby boys’ clothes is a heart-filling affair. And when the baby is born, moms and relatives often love to shower it with gifts, especially clothes. So, if you are a mom or a mom to be, these are the things you need to consider before buying baby boys’ clothes:

Baby’s Needs

If you buy a baby boy’s clothes, you should consider the baby’s age and size.

Newborn Babies

This stage is your infant’s first 0-3 months of life. And clothing businesses sometimes use must-have lists to lure new parents into over-buying at this point, but you won’t need everything on these lists. So instead, be sure to get the following clothes for your baby boy:

  1. Onesies – about a dozen onesies.
  2. Pants – two to three pairs that can complement the onesies.
  3. Sleepers and nightgowns – You’ll need approximately a dozen of them because your child will spend most of his time in sleepers and gowns.
  4. Hats – This will keep the baby’s head warm
  5. Socks — Purchase five or six pairs of socks for your child. At this age, newborns might have difficulty maintaining their body temperature. Thus their tiny toes may get cold.
  6. Bibs – This prevents their clothes from dirtying quickly.
  7. Sweater – You need to buy at least one that infants can wear over clothes.

Older Babies

Your infant will sleep less often and spend more time playing in this stage. And while he will still want comfort, his wardrobe requirements will shift from sleepers and gowns to play ensembles. As a result, you will need a lot more extra clothes.

  1. Onesies – You won’t be needing much of this. So buying about 6-8 is fine.
  2. Pants or shorts – Your baby will need at least six to eight of these.
  3. Bibs – You will need a lot of bibs. Babies at this stage start to learn to eat by themselves, which can get a lot messier. So buying at least 12 of those is ideal.
  4. Socks – Babies will play and move around more. Therefore, buying many pairs of socks is a must, while at least ten pairs can make you throughout the week.
  5. Light Jacket – If you live in cold weather conditions, It is best to have at least one light jacket if you want to go outside with your baby.
  6. Sweater – During winter, you will need at least three to four sweaters to help warm your baby.

You can also buy and dress up your baby in some cute clothes during this stage.

What to Consider in Picking


You should avoid baby clothes featuring embellishments such as ribbons, buttons, and hooks since they are choking hazards. Likewise, clothes must have securely fastened decorations if you want them. Also, avoid wearing clothing with straps or waistbands since they might induce strangling.

To protect newborns from burns, choose baby sleepwear composed of flame-resistant textiles and snug-fitting.


Consider the fabric first if you want to dress your baby in trend clothes or cute and fashionable clothes. Meanwhile, babies have super delicate skin, and as a result, most parents will go for cotton-based items while shopping for baby apparel. However, there are alternatives, such as soy-based textiles that are both sustainable and silky smooth making them ideal for baby apparel. Also, you should avoid bright colours since they may contain fluorescent substances.

In the meantime, because of its inability to absorb fluids and control newborns’ body temperature, baby garments made of fabrics such as nylon and polyester may cause skin irritation and uneasiness.


When you have a tight budget, prioritise clothes that have practicality while still maintaining good quality. You may also compare prices from different stores and pick the best and an affordable one. Besides, never let your excitement control your decisions.

Weather and Season

Only buy clothes you are sure your baby will wear, and consider your place, the season, and weather conditions. For example, you don’t want to buy jackets and sweaters if you live in an area with hot temperatures.

The most critical factor in picking a baby boy’s clothes is quality and practicality. Sure, you are excited to shower your baby with some gifts, especially clothes, but if you buy the wrong ones, it can only waste your money and may cause your baby discomfort.


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