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Affordable Curb Appeal Ideas for Local Market

Curb appeal refers to the attractiveness that a house or building holds from the outside.   The house’s beauty can be seen from the sidewalk and attracts potential buyers. Buy properties in Lahore Smart City.

Why is curb appeal important?

 Curb appeal is extremely important for the sale of the property and largely affects the selling price of the property. Most real estate agents and brokers advise their clients to focus on the curb appeal of their properties and maximize it. They also stress their clients using cost-effective methods to improve their curb appeal. There are small renovations that the property owner to increase their curb appeal. The complicated thing about curb appeal is that it is not as easily measured as square footing, and can its calculation can prove to be a challenge for both the real estate agent and the client. However, despite all the challenges involved in calculating the curb appeal, it is a step that can not be skipped as it directly impacts the valuation of the property. In the past, properties with a higher curb appeal were valued higher than other properties with a comparatively lower curb appeal even if other properties’ features were more or less similar, such as the number of bedrooms or the size. The simple reason for this is that a higher curb appeal attracts more buyers instantly as many buyers place significant importance on the outlook and appearance of the property.

Why take the help of a real estate agent to improve your curb appeal?

 Most real estate agents can provide valuable suggestions that can help improve the curb appeal. Realtors are in regular contact with buyers and are aware of their preferences; thus, they can point out the needed changes. For example, they can advise their clients on what colours to use, the number of street lights needed and the type of plants required to elevate the house. All these factors have made the buyer feel more comfortable and are more likely to make an offer after viewing the home. Real estate agents are professional and experienced individuals; thus, the sellers will benefit greatly by listening to their advice.

If your real estate agent or broker cannot provide valuable advice on the improvement of the curb appeal, you can hire experts for this. Sellers can appoint several specialists to upgrade their properties. While initially, it may seem like an added cost, in the long run, you are saving money. That is because the expert will visit your property and recommend accurate renovations that will help lift the outlook of the property. Many sellers carry out expensive renovations; however, these changes have no significant impact on the selling price, and hence the sellers are not able to get a return. These experts know exactly what changes will positively affect and will advise the sellers only to spend money on those renovations. Invest in Kingdom Valley Islamabad

Affordable renovations that can help improve curb appeal.

Many renovations can improve the curb appeal without the seller exceeding their budget. Getting your walls painted is the most simple and affordable way to enhance the appeal. A new splash of paint will make your house look crisp and fresh to the eyes of the buyer. Another way to add life to your home is by adding a pop of colour that will catch the eyes of the buyers. Plants are important for the environment, but it also helps increase the attractiveness of the curb. Planting trees and flowers outside your house will add to the beauty of the home and be respected by environment-conscious buyers. Your neighbourhoods aren’t directly related to your house, but they do affect the exterior outlook of your house. Before you invite buyers to visit your home, you should ask your neighbours to tidy their house or help them clean the street.


Spending on curb appeal is a worthwhile investment as it helps increase the price valuation. However, while spending money on the renovations, you need to ensure that they are giving you a significant return and are not just a waste of money.

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