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Aged Care Laundry Service: What You Need To Know

A significant portion of the service demand for commercial laundry service comes from aged care laundry service. 

These facilities serve both the healthcare and hospitality sectors, so clean, new linen is crucial for efficient operations. In this process, more than cleaning bed sheets, towels, and other linens in-depth is required. Therefore, commercial laundry service also carries a part of the responsibility that comes with the increased importance, complexity, and demand for the services provided by aged care institutions.

This article will discuss the importance of aged care laundry service.

Fixing the proper infection control processes

The elderly commonly experience several health problems and have much weakened immune systems. Because of this, the disinfection standards for aged care laundry will differ from those for other hospitality laundry customers.

In this field, proper practice can have good results. Diseases as serious as influenza, Novo viruses, and other infectious diseases can spread through improperly cleaned linen.

The optimum amount of wash cycles, the right kind and quantity of detergent, and using hot water to kill germs further are essential in addition to using industrial-grade equipment, which is more likely to remove dirt and eliminate hazardous bacteria. 

While procedures may differ from laundry to laundry, it’s essential to have a tried-and-true process that has worked before. Commercial laundries have the opportunity to establish themselves as trustworthy laundry partners for top aged care facilities, going beyond simply maintaining the well-being of older patients.

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Proper linen management and handling practices

Easy-to-use linen management is an essential part of commercial laundry service offerings.

Aged care laundry service already has a lot on their plates, so recovering or losing linen should be the last thing on their minds. 

On the other hand, due to the risk of infection, laundries must handle elderly care laundry carefully.

Laundries would benefit from using the following best practices in this regard:

  • Separate, tightly-sealed bags or containers for soiled laundry should be provided at the collecting location.
  • Staff members must handle soiled linen with care, use gloves, and thoroughly clean their hands following contact.
  • Avoid sorting used linen in the nursing home or other areas where residents may be found.
  • Clean laundry, including clean sheets, towels, and other items, should be stored in a separate location, away from moisture, contamination, pests, dust, and aerosols.

Implementing the proper protocols to stop commercial laundries from mixing their linen is also essential. Like traditional healthcare facilities, it would be disastrous for aged care facilities to get the wrong or insufficient linen.

For this reason, laundries must ensure that they carefully manage the amount of laundry needed each week and automate the sorting of the linen to ensure fewer mistakes.

Using a laundry management system to improve the efficiency of laundry services for senior citizens:

Given an almost nonexistent margin for error, aged care laundry service providers must take all reasonable measures to ensure the highest service performance.

Systems for managing commercial laundries enhance services to the fullest extent. Client relationship management, laundry sorting, monitoring, customer orders, and even data administration are all highly automated, freeing up staff members to focus on other essential areas of their businesses.


While providing laundry services for older adults is difficult, it doesn’t have to be complicated. However, commercial laundries will need to improve their services for aged care institutions if they still need to as the demand for professional linen cleaning services rises.

Here, the importance of effective internal procedures, flawless linen management, and disinfection procedures will only increase. The majority, if not all, of these problems can be resolved with the appropriate commercial laundry service.


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