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Amazing Blog Post Ideas That You Never Heard Of [Most updated]

  • Guides

Ultimate guides and long-form content are proven to be the best-performing blog posts to date. You can create an ultimate guide in your niche and start teaching your audience about your industry or blog topics in general.


If you are into the niche of digital marketing then you can surely think of creating ultimate guides on the following topics.

  • A definitive guide to digital marketing.
  • How to start your career in digital marketing [Ultimate Guide]
  • Digital marketing guides for beginners.
  • How To

Next to Guides, How To’s are other great blog post ideas that work quite well, especially if you want to explain something to your blog readers. Such kind of blog articles not only gives valuable information to readers but also increases the chances of converting them into a customer.

How To articles can also use to explain how to make the most out of your product or service if any.


If you are selling t-shirts online, then the following can be the best how-to articles for you:

  •  How to buy a lightweight paddle board
  • How to buy a paddle board with a seat
  • How to start paddle boarding on white water
  • How to start kayaking on white water
  • Interview

Yes, people love reading an interview with experts and highly authoritative people in the industry. So, if you know any expert or authoritative person in your niche, then conduct a detailed interview with him/her and publish the same on your blog post.

  • Listicle

Listicle articles work like charm. In fact, listicle blog post ideas are used by highly authoritative websites like Forbes, Mashable, Entrepreneur, and a lot more.

These articles basically contain a list of items within your niche industry. Such articles are long, and lengthy and also have the ability to rank well on Google.

Example of listicle content;

If you are running a tech-based website, then the following can be the listicle content for you.

  • List of top tech and software companies.
  • List of best gadgets in 2021.
  • List of top tech experts in the world.
  • Actionable tips

People on the internet are constantly looking out for tips, tricks, and advice that makes their task or life easier. They are looking for a jack that helps them in solving their problem.

Hence, you can identify the problems faced by your blog readers and can create blog content in the form of actionable tips.

Following are the best examples of actionable tips for SEO blogs:

  • 15 actionable tips to rank content on Google.
  • 15 actionable tips to create backlinks fast and quickly.
  • 25 surefire tricks to increase blog traffic.
  • Review

Do you want to make money via blogging?

Are you looking for ways to increase your affiliate conversions?

If yes, then reviewing articles works like a charm. You can post a detailed review of any product or service and highlight its benefits and tell your readers how the product can make their life better.

If you have written an honest review, then people would surely purchase the product from your affiliate article.


  • Goosehill paddle board review
  • Fein paddle board review
  • Atoll paddle board review
  • Comparison

Next, to review articles, comparison posts are also a great way to make money via affiliate marketing. The majority of bloggers use this kind of post to compare one product or service with another.

You can compare the pros, cons, and pricing of each product and publish a detailed article on the same.

Here are great examples of product comparison posts in the digital marketing niche:

  • Myths

If you believe that any particular theory of practice is wrong within your niche then prove it by busting out the myths and creating a detailed post on it.

For example;

In the digital marketing niche, people believe that learning digital marketing requires technical knowledge and a specific degree. However, this is a myth as anyone can learn digital marketing irrespective of their degree of knowledge, or skill.

  • Importance

If you believe that a particular topic or an idea is of utmost importance then write it down and publish in your blog post. This will help your readers in getting valuable information.

Examples of such articles in the digital marketing niche;

  • 20 importance of digital marketing
  • 13 important reasons why SEO is important?
  • Why social media marketing is important in 2021?
  • Pros and cons

If you have a great product or service that you can think of sharing with your blog readers then create a pros and cons article around it. List down its top 10 pros and 3 cons and publish it.

These kinds of articles also perform well when you are promoting an affiliate offer or product.

  • Checklist

Checklist articles and content are similar to how-to guides and listicle content but with one key difference. Checklist articles give your readers steps or a list of items that need to take care of when initiating an important task or project.

Here’s how checklist articles may lookalike:

  • On-page SEO checklist.
  • Off-page SEO checklist.
  • Technical SEO checklist.
  • Case studies

If you have achieved something great in the recent past then share it with others in the form of case studies and tell others how did you achieve it and how others can do it as well.

Case studies are universal in nature and go well with any niche.

For example;

If you are running an SEO blog and have ranked your content within one month then you can make a detailed case study on it and show people how did you make it.

  • Statistics

Everyone loves reading statistics, facts, figures, and numbers.  Such kind of articles increases the knowledge of people. That’s why the majority of people love reading them.

You can create a list of resourceful statistics in your niche and publish it on your blog.

If you are into a digital marketing niche then the following are some examples;

  • Blogging statistics 2021.
  • SEO statistics for 2021.
  • Digital marketing trends and statistics.
  • Social media marketing statistics.
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