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Area Guide of New Paradise City


New City Paradise will soon be available to twin cities investors. The new city utopia will also claim to be the ideal place for a long-term house investment. The housing community relies on longtime developers Chaudry Saad and Chaudry Qamar Zaman to extend their operations and generate leads. The blog will provide factual and valuable New City Paradise information.

New Paradise City Location

On CPEC Route of Islamabad M1 Motorway, 0 km from Burhan Interchange. It’s in Punjab’s Wah City, part of Rawalpindi District, and can be accessible by GT Road. This new home business will offer two investing opportunities. Both are on GT Road and M1 Motorway. Business zones and schools will be nearby. Construction Status The housing plan will incorporate amenities to ensure everyone’s prosperity. The terrain will soon be levelled and chopped for building. Developers offer a lush, calm home complex by planting numerous plants. Mosques, smart homes, family parks, overhead tanks, and a site office will soon be part of the community’s infrastructure. Finally, check our website often for changes. 

New City Paradise Amenities

The neighborhood will also include these amenities. Living standards assurance

  • Available Basics
  • Housing Sustainability
  • CCTV
  • BIZ
  • Playgrounds
  • Gyms
  • Malls/stores
  • Highways
  • Ranks
  • Filters
  • Schools
  • Community health centers and Masjid

The New City Paradise will offer a multitude of advantages to future residents

 Initiative Green Housing

The housing complex will plant more trees to make the neighborhood peaceful and green. International norms shall be followed. It will reduce environmental damage and climate change. All these factors make this neighborhood the best place to invest and live.

 Availability of Basics

Every community will have gas, water, and electricity. Future residents will have nearby filtration facilities. The affordable neighborhood will feature subsurface electricity. These characteristics create a long-term investment feeling. Medicine, education

Near By Medical services 

 The medical centres’ healthcare facilities and services will be available internationally, allowing for speedy and effective treatment of illnesses and other medical emergencies. The schools will follow a global curriculum to help future people achieve their educational goals.

Infrastructure excellence

High-quality infrastructure will add to the community’s desirability. This will assist daily requirements and company interactions. Quality infrastructure will boost the investment value of local business and residential projects. It will also attract Pakistanis residing overseas.

 Business Opportunities

Developers will soon release commercial properties in the neighborhood, but the site will improve transaction flow and business worth. The rates also help developing any commercial operation here based on investor needs and finances. Structural quality will also facilitate neighborhood commerce. Gated community

It’s safe. The gates will make it safer and more peaceful. Face recognition and CCTV cameras will help investors achieve high living standards. Security officers will add to neighborhood peace.


New City Paradise will offer people great living standards and financial prospects. Chaudry Saad and Chaudry Qamar Zaman are reputable developers. The land will also have several access points. Given the starting price, it’s a legal housing project with a high affordability rate that will make a long-term, profitable investment. The available properties will be released soon; they will fulfil the needs of investors and residents.


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