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Beard grooming 101

One would think beard is easy to grow; the follicles are there, the incentive to grow is there and that’s all you pretty much need. Much like grass, you just let the beard be, you know, let it grow, let it grow!

However, growing, and grooming beard is no mean feat. There are plenty of beard-care steps that you must be partaking in to ensure a very nice, soft, and good-looking beard. 

The lack of care can then lead to problems like ingrown hair and dandruff, resolving which might also then require the help of your Dermatologist in Rawalpindi. So, it is important that you read on to find out how to take care of your beard!

Beard grooming 101 

Choosing the right grooming products 

Whether it be a cleanser or beard oil, choosing the right product is important. For in the endeavor of choosing a cleanser, you must first ascertain your skin type; if you have oily or acne prone skin, you need to work on oil control. Salicylic acid can be of help, so look for a product containing this ingredient.

Similarly, if you have sensitive or dry skin, you should invest in mild products, ideally those marked hypoallergenic. Also, try to pick products that are fragrance free, as scent can irritate the skin. 

For picking a beard oil, you might need to try a few products first to find one with the perfect viscosity. Some oils can be too thick, weighing your beard down, and making it shine. Others are more subtle. You can also do a mix and match of both on special occasions. 

Hydrate the beard

Everyone wants a soft beard, no one wants it to be brittle. So, to ensure that you have soft beard, use good products. Beard oil is one essential item, but you can also try conditioning creams. There are also some balms that also aim to nourish the beard, reduce the fizziness, and improve the texture. 

Running brush through the beard

Have a good beard brush handy if your beard an impressive, long beard. The use of brush helps in distributing the product throughout your beard alongside taming it. It also acts as a mild exfoliant, so that dead skin doesn’t pile up. Brushing also removes any debris from the beard. 

Trimming is important 

If you want to have a bohemian vibe, circa Jason Momoa, then you can forgo trimming and embrace the haywire beard in all its full glory. 

If, however, you want a well-coifed beard that is slightly more than a five o’clock shadow and somewhere in the vicinity of a stubble, then you might need to regularly trim the beard. 

Now, this step can be tricky if you are doing it yourself, since maintaining a uniform appearance on the left and right side is important. So, be careful as to not trim the beard asymmetrically. 

Use might need a beard comb and facial scissors alongside a trimmer –depending on how thick you want your beard to be. Brush the beard carefully and cut the haywire strands. 

Use your trimmers to get to the length you need. Unlike hair cutting, in which hair are kept wet, beard trimming should be done with dry hair so you can estimate the length better.

Beard cleaning is vital 

It is pertinent that you are not negligent of cleaning the beard, and no, running water through it when showering does not count. Your beard traps pollutants and dirt throughout the day, and you must then give it a good wash to get out these harmful particles. 

Moreover, if dead skin piles up under the beard, it can then lead to itching and dandruff as well. So, wash your beard daily using your cleanser. Use lukewarm water so it doesn’t irritate the skin. 

If the problem with dandruff or itching persists, then visit your dermatologist at Mid City Hospital for help. 

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