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Best Chinese Glass Bongs

Make shopping for Chinese glass bongs an exciting and blissful experience by getting the perfect and best in the market. Since there are varieties of smoking glass pipes and bongs variants, users often find it overwhelming to choose the ideal and suitable tool. 

This article guides smokers and stoners to buy the best Chinese glass bongs. Get insight on several factors that perfect glass bongs or pipes should deliver. 

If you decide to get a bong or a smoking pipe, we recommend one made of glass. Because glass is better and non-toxic and would not react to the heat produced by smoking. Today, smoking accessories manufacturers are heeding the customers’ demand and producing multiple variants of glass bongs. 

There are also luxury ones with high prices and intricate detailing with additional functionalities with options to get customized glass bongs. All these have made buying Chinese glass bongs more troubling than before. Besides estimating the price point with the quality of the tool and practicality, you also need to look into other aspects. 

If you are a newbie to smoking, this guide to buying the best glass bong or glass pipe will be helpful to you. 

Tips for choosing the best Chinese glass bong or pipe. 

Here are a few things that every smoker or stoner who loves smoking using glass bongs should think about to get the best Chinese glass pipes. 

Pick the right style of the glass pipe.

Do you know that glass pipes and bongs are of multiple variants with a few dissimilarities? That is why you should pick the correct glass bong type that suits your taste and personality. 

Commonly found glass pipes or bongs include:

  • Bubblers – Bubblers are hand pipes with a diffuser or a perforator. When you burn the substance, say weed or cannabis, the smoke passes through the water that cools and filters the smoke for a more robust and cleaner hit. 
  • Chillums – Chillums are highly portable glass pipes with a bowl or spoon-like section to fill the weed or cannabis. And that is where you burn the substance. 
  • Steamrollers – Steam rollers are a new and innovative glass pipe design with filtration chambers. It is more suitable for regular use. 
  • Spoons – Spoons are the older variant of glass bongs or smoking pipes. At one end of the spoon is the carburetor where you can block the airflow with your finger to pressurize the smoke. 

Price range or affordability

Affordability is the primary consideration or factor in anything you buy. You will ultimately get the item only if you can afford it. With one’s budget, you can determine what you can buy. But a misconception here is that cheap products are not good. That is not universally applicable. 

You can often get high-quality glass bongs at lower prices that do all the necessary functions that a glass bong is supposed to. If you want a customized one with intricate detailing and all, that will cost you a lot more. Always buy the one that fits your pockets and value. 

Glass quality 

Glasses come in wide varieties. Where there are very brittle glasses, there are also super solid and opaque glasses. And since you would use your glass bong for a long time, the glass quality must be durable and reliable. Generally, the best type of smoking glass pipes is quartz and borosilicate glass. They are considered the best variant in the glass industry. 

Smoking accessories manufacturers mostly incorporate the hand-blown glass technique to create the perfect glass bong are other accessories. The final result will be imperfect if the blowing approach is not correct. And the most imperfections can be seen as bubbles. 

Usability of the glass bong

Getting the most intricate detailed glass bong at a high price is of no value if it doesn’t function as required. Also, a glass bong or a smoking pipe should be used for what it is. Getting a glass bong with a heavy design and shape is not essential if you are a traveler. You need high portability with a lightweight design and shape for that purpose. That material should be thick yet small in size. 

The shape of the glass bong

Sleek and straight smoking glass pipe certainly looks classy and elegant. But if you cannot grip it well on your hand, your smoking pleasure will be destroyed. Please choose the one with smooth curves and a basic design and style that serves its functionality correctly. If you ask us, ergonomic design is the best. 

When buying a glass bong, its exterior design, shape, interior sizing, and strategy should be considered. The size and fit of the mouthpiece, the shape of the bowl, the length of the neck, etc. Look at everything possible. 

Lastly, you should always buy smoking accessories from a reliable and trusted source.  


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