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Best PDF Editing Software

     Almost everyone works with PDFs at some point in their working life. This is because it is a versatile document type that allows pretty much anything within the bounds of the editor they are being worked on with. They can be used to create documents for an office, contracts for a law firm, an exam for a teacher and their students, and anything else that people need them for. Since PDFs are used so widely it is no shock that everyone must at least view them. The tricky part is that to work with PDFs, you will need some kind of special editor or PDF editing/viewing application. This is not a problem though as there are many different options when it comes to finding the best PDF editor for your needs. What are PDF editors though exactly? And how can we judge them?

               PDF editors are specialized programs that allow you to work with PDFs. These editors can do more than let you just see or add text to the PDF. PDF editors come with a large number of tools and utilities that can be used to not only edit documents but to create them. PDF editors might offer the ability to merge PDFs together as well as split them apart. This means that you can separate a PDF page into a new document as well as take two PDFs and put them together. In addition to this, PDF editors can also convert documents and images into PDFs. With a good PDF editor, an experienced user will have no limit to what they can do with their PDF. Not all PDF editors are the same though and some offer different tools (at different prices) to users. Since there are so many editors available, it can be easy to get lost amongst all the options to choose from; however, there are ways you can discern which PDF editor is best for you.

               When trying to choose a PDF editor for yourself or for your business, there are a few things you can look for. Firstly, the cost is a factor for many people. For an individual user who does not use PDFs that much, some of the better online PDF editors can seem a bit pricey. This is not always the case, but it can be some of the time. Also, besides the cost, there are the tools. Different people need different tools. For people who work with and need to make contracts, it is important for a PDF editor to feature the e-sign tool which allows users to virtually sign a document from anywhere. Without this, their job would be very difficult. This is just one example, but it shows how tools can either enhance or take away from your tasks. Since there are so many online PDF editors, and many of them are dubious in nature, here we will look at some of the major players in the PDF market.

Lumin PDF

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               One of the most well-known online PDF editors you can use is Lumin PDF. Lumin PDF is a well-developed PDF editing service that comes with all of the standard tools one would expect from a PDF editor, but it actually offers even more than that. For many people, basic tools are enough but for those who work in a business or in academia, it is important to have special tools that give the ability to access, work on and share documents with peers. This is where Lumin PDF excels. Lumin PDF works directly with Google Drive which allows you to open a PDF directly from your or your business’s Google Drive account. With this feature, you can open a PDF, edit it or change it, then save it back to your Google Drive so that your colleagues or even students can access it. While Lumin PDF is an elite PDF editor, it is not the only one available.


               Sejda PDF is another good PDF editing service. Sejda PDF is great for users who might not have experience working with PDFs and want something that is user-friendly and easy to use. And while Sejda PDF does come with the standard tools like the merge/split tool, convert PDF tool, and some other tools that are ubiquitous amongst online PDF editing applications, there are some potential drawbacks. Sejda PDF is not free and some people do not like the price and/or pricing model. There is a free version that you can use to a certain extent to see if it is a product that you would like to buy.


               SmallPDF is a very useful PDF editor, but in many ways, it has the opposite use of Sejda PDF. Small PDF is a great tool, but it is not for those who are new to using PDFs and PDF editors. SmallPDF has many tools, and perhaps too many for novices to sort through. If your goal is to simply edit PDFs and fill in fillable PDF documents for your job, then this might not be the best PDF editor for you; however, if you need a PDF editor that has a great deal of versatility then it might be for you. SmallPDF is very useful for those who want to create PDFs from scratch as well as their own templates. For those who do not need such complex features, it is not an ideal option.


               PDFescape, like SejdaPDF tool, is a great tool for beginners in a lot of ways due to its ease of use and simplicity. This makes it sounds like less of a PDF editor, but this is not true, since ease of use is one of the key features of any utility program such as PDF editors. But one of the issues with PDFescape that does not make it easy to use is its interface which leaves something to be desired. It would be unfair to say that it is a poor-looking interface, but rather it is a bit dated and not as fluid as some other online PDF editing applications interfaces.

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