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Busting ear, nose, and throat-related myths

There is so much information that you believe in because you heard it from somebody, who heard it from someone else, and so this chain continues. But have you tried to verify this chain of information, which many times, is a chain of misinformation?

While a harmless myth is fine, those pertaining to health are often not as innocuous as they present themselves to be.

One such forte where myths can be commonly found are those about the health of the ear, nose, and throat. This lack of correct information can be then the very reason why you run into trouble, meriting a visit to the ENT Specialist in Lahore.

Some of these common myths include:

Myth 1: Taking ear wax out is good

Ear wax is often given a lot of hate, which is undue. It basically helps in protecting your ear and is not the spawn of the devil. Unfortunately, people don’t realize the good role that it plays, and become convinced of the urgency of removing the excess.

However, that’s not a good idea. Although, sometimes, there can be too much of it that can impede your hearing then deal with it with the aid of your doctor.

Myth 2: You can hold your sneeze in

Let’s be honest, while sneezes themselves aren’t a big deal in healthy people, often, you are in a quiet room, and you cannot guffaw-sneeze. The impulse then is to hold it in. And your friend told you that’s fine, so all it’s good, crisis averted, right? Well, wrong.

If you don’t sneeze and let the pressure out, it will not bode well for you then. Moreover, sneezes generally are healthy, as they are your body’s attempt to get the harmful bacteria, germs, and similar material out of your body. Now, why would you want to hold it in?

So, it’s okay if you are in pin-drop silence zone, simply sneeze. You’re doing it for your greater good!

Myth 3: Ear pain means ear infection

Ears form a connection with the nose and throat and are present in proximity to the jaw as well. So, if there is pain in the ear, it is not always due to ear infection. On the contrary, many aches originate somewhere else in the body. So, don’t always jump the gun when experiencing pain.

Myth 4: Using a Q-tip is good

The tip to use Q-tips to clean your ear is not a good tip. Feeling tippy? Well, let us explain. Most people use Q-tips to get rid of ear wax, but the motion that is used actually often leads to the wax getting lodged further inside of the ear.

Moreover, many people tend to use the Q-tips very aggressively. This then increases the chances of abrasion and injury to the ear. If you are using Q-tip to simply clear out of the outer surface, that is fine, as long as you don’t insert it in your ears.

If you think you have ear wax issues, you can try using simple home remedies to get the wax out. One tip is to use ear wax softener; it makes the wax soft, so you can scoop it out with the aid of tissue. But know that it won’t work if there is too much wax.

Similarly, hydrogen peroxide and alcohol are also considered convenient options for to remove ear wax at home. You can also try the method of irrigation; you’d be needing saline solution and rubber bulb. To do this, squirt some of the saline solution using the bulb. This will create pressure that will coerce out the wax.

However, all these methods should be done after consultation with Best ENT Specialist in Karachi, as these are not safe for everyone. Moreover, sometimes, wax might also need to be dealt with by the doctor as well.


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