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Can mental health conditions after an accident be regarded as a personal injury?

During an accident, the victim is exposed to certain unwanted or traumatizing sights, which cause certain deep scars that get imprinted in the mind as well as the heart of the victim. These scars not only trigger the normal lifestyle of the victim but also cause some physiological problems. These scars can cause mental health issues in the victim. The pain felt via emotions is real, but maybe there is no such direct link to the physiological injuries. Contact a personal injury lawyer in LA for further information about this issue.

The mental state of an accident victim

The mental health of the victim is triggered after the accident has occurred. The unwanted sights like deaths, severe injuries, destruction, etc., can traumatize the victims. Serious accidents change the whole lives of the victims. The victim gets exposed to severe mental trauma when they find out that due to their disability, they cannot do the things they loved to do. Hence, they seek medical help to cope with mental health injuries.

Types of mental illness injury

  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD: This disorder causes the victim to pass through nightmares, depression, or hyperalertness. It is caused due to the traumatizing sounds, sights, or situations that trigger the stress or scars. Victims tend to support the usage of alcohol or drugs as self-treatment. It can lead to insomnia & mood swings.
  • Phobias: In some cases, the victims develop phobias. Like a car accident victim gets scared at the sight of driving or getting into a car, a cat or dog bite victim gets terrified by the sights of the dogs or cats. 
  • Clinical Depression: Feelings of sadness or agony can result in the lives of the victims and their families and friends in a torn state. Due to this disorder, the person loses interest in jobs that they used to enjoy doing once. 

Mental health illness is regarded as a personal injury

Mental health conditions affect not only the lives of the victim but also the people related to them. If not treated at the proper time, things may get out of hand. But nothing is incurable. Get yourself a good therapist, stay around the people who understand and care, and for the monetary loss, reach out to an attorney. 


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