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Certified Documents Translation Services

When documents or papers bear the official stamp seal from a professional translator or translation agency, a certified translation is required. These documents are required for legal, immigration, or continuation of educational purposes.

These documents can only be provided by a professional translator or certified translator. The official representative of a translation agency usually appears in front of a notary commission.

He also confirms that the translated documents are an exact copy of originals or source documents. He also confirms that the translator was an expert in the target and source languages.

When do you need certified document translation?

You may require certified translations in certain circumstances. If you are applying for Visa, Admission, or Immigration, you will need certified translation services. Visit Languex.co if you require fast, accurate, and certified translation services.

If you involved in legal proceedings, you must also submit a certified translation of the document.

A situation where certified document translation is not needed.

Certified translation is not required for most forms, websites, marketing material, contracts, insurance policies, and manuals. They don’t even need to be stamped. This type of translation requires professional document translation services.

Versatile Languages can provide this service. We are available 24 hours a day. We have provided exceptional translation services. Versatile Languages, a respected company in the field of certified translations of documents, is known for its excellent results. If you require expert translation services for documents, you can reach us online or by phone.

We provide certified document translation services for all business areas including legal, education, immigration, real estate, and personal. All of our translations are certified by native speakers of the respective languages.

Business Document Translation Services

Many businesses around the globe rely on business translations. Translations of business documents are crucial for smooth operation and maintaining high standards of communication.

Businesses need business document translations. They make sure that communication is clear and flawless. Versatile Languages can help.

Official Document Translation Services You Can Trust

Quick Service

Our fast turnaround times are what make us trustworthy. Customers should receive electronic translations within 24 hours. Physical copies of documents will take between 5 and 7 business days.


Every day, we can serve our clients better. Because of the trust that we have earned from our clients, we strive to exceed their expectations and offer exceptional services.

Dedicated PM

Our professional team will be available to assist you 24 hours a day. After your request has been received, a Project manager will be assigned and you will receive the translated document once it is reviewed and approved.

Certified Transcription Services

Many clients are confuse because they have recordings to translate and certify. They don’t know how to extract audio and where to find those files for official translation.  Versatile Languages is a trusted and reliable language service provider that can help you with this task.

Versatile Languages is an accredited language service provider. This makes it easy for clients to get certified language transcription services. Customers always have the option of dropping off audio files or recording to our office or sending the audio to our secure online storage. Send us an email and we’ll take care of everything!

Certified Letters, Patents, And Contracts

Clients prefer to read official documents in their native language, especially with today’s globalization and eCommerce market. This is especially true when it comes to agreements, letters, patents, contracts, and other legal documents. For example, courts do not use other languages than their own.  Versatile Languages translates and certifies letters, patents, and contacts for official purposes.

Versatile Languages makes it easy to translate foreign documents. To make things easier for our customers and save them the hassle of dealing with courts, our customers can submit their documents electronically to receive a free quote. They can also scan, fax, or bring their documents to our office.

Our language specialists are all certified, court-certified legal translators and interpreters. You don’t have to worry about your translation’s legal quality. We protect your privacy as well as your legal copyrights.  Versatile Languages has non-disclosure agreements in place with all our translators, interpreters, and language specialists. This agreement protects your personal legal information whenever you send us a translation.

Official Email Translations

Sometimes, in today’s electronic marketplace and e-commerce, emails need to be translated into several languages before they are sent to business partners or loved ones. Online translation tools can only deliver an incomprehensible message and you don’t have to risk your name or reputation by using them.

We can translate and certify your email messages and send an official certified translation to your business or home.

I deliver professional email translation services that are accurate and professional. We ensure that all emails sent to us with the correct translation. Our native translators have extensive experience in all areas. We protect your privacy so your correspondences are in safe hands.


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