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Choosing mattress according to your body type

You wake up in the morning, take a bath or get ready and have your breakfast, then you start running to reach your work space on time. You go there and sit in the chair and start working for hours. In the evening after your office time you are set to get home in the desire to finally relax. You are anticipating the comfort of your bed and finally you can lie comfortably. After lying down you realise the mattress you are sleeping in is not giving you the comfort you anticipate. It’s not the fault of your mattress for the salesperson who told you what mattress is trending and comfortable. We wish to sleep peacefully and wake up fresh in the morning and that will be helpful with the right mattress.

Apart from material, comfortability and trend one thing most people ignore while purchasing a mattress. The most important thing is understanding which kind of mattress is comfortable for you according to your weight. Weight is an important factor that determines the pressure a mattress is taking. You can visit to chiropedic to buy a mattress that suits you well. They have a wide variety of mattresses.

Light weight

A lightweight person ranges upto 59 kgs or 130 pounds. The physique and requirements of a lightweight person is different from a heavyweight person so if you go by the reviews of an average body person or heavyweight person then you will feel disappointed. You need a significant comfort and software layer that will cover the gap between the body and the mattress supported. The recommended mattress for them is a plush firm feel that will give good contact with the body and mattress.

Average weight

An average weight person falls from 59 kgs to 130 pounds to 90 kgs to 200 pounds. An average body weight person can find a mattress easily. There is a wide range of mattresses available for the average body weight person.  A 3 inch layer is comfortable for them. You can go for a mattress that is in between like your weight, that is a medium firm feel mattress.

Heavy weight

A heavyweight person is above 90 kgs or 200 pounds. A heavy weight person prefers a firmer and soft bed that will support their weight and prevent them from sinkage. If they want to ignore the 3 inch recommendation they can look for a mattress with a comfort level that is a bit thicker. A layer of 4 inch is usually ideal for them. They should go for a firm bed with a supportive coil that will compensate for their weight.


People should make sure to choose a layer that is compatible as well as firm for them. They should keep in mind the mattress they are choosing is keeping their spine properly aligned and is up to their comfortable level. Apart from weight people should consider other factors like type of sleeper habits etc.


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