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The CLEVO gaming laptops NH70 is a phenomenal gaming laptop, and it is equipped with an AMD CPU that has won several awards. Its ability to store 1 terabyte of data and its strong CPU makes it a fantastic option for gaming players and multimedia enthusiasts. In this study, you will learn everything there is to know about the capabilities of the NH70.

 In addition to that, we will investigate how long its battery lasts. Before you go out and buy a laptop specifically for gaming, there are some key things you should think about first.


A built-in Schematics Map service is included with the Clevo gaming laptops NH70 CPU. This service gives you the ability to alter symbol layers and feature layers. This service lets you import your custom layer files, making editing much simpler.

This service provides a graphical representation of the CPU, allowing users to comprehend the inner workings of the device better. Frame Buffer A and Frame Buffer B comprise the two primary components of the CPU. You need to alter the settings and do so following the instructions to diagnose the issue.

The CLEVO NH70 is a high-quality gaming laptop with a ten-core processor, 16 GB of DDR4 memory operating at 3200 MHz, and a connection through USB Type-C. The cooler-running Intel CPUs are a good fit for the 180W power supply unit. The central processing unit (CPU) also has a heatsink as a standard for increased cooling. To better accommodate hotter PCs, the CLEVO NH70 comes equipped with a 180W power supply unit (PSU).


The pixel density of the display of the CLEVO gaming laptops NH70 is 127.3 pixels per inch, making it an outstanding option. On the other hand, it is noticeably more costly and cumbersome than its rivals. Additionally, the device contains eight gigabytes of random access memory (RAM), which may cause sluggish execution of memory-intensive programs.

 While the storage space is adequate for day-to-day usage, the 256 GB of internal RAM is insufficient to install numerous recent games simultaneously. Both the battery life, which only lasts 3.5 hours, and the gaming performance, which averages 39.9 frames per second, are unsatisfactory.


Users who enjoy playing games or are interested in multimedia will find that the Clevo gaming laptops NH70 GPU is a fantastic choice. The gamer-friendly AMD CPU and actual 1 terabyte of storage space included with this product make it an excellent choice. Because of the specialized construction of its fan and airflow system, the brand-new NH70 can quickly cool down.

 The Clevo NH70 features eight gigabytes of RAM, which is plenty for the majority of today’s games. However, it may cause your system to function more slowly when you use apps requiring a lot of memory. It only has a battery life of three and a half hours, which is disappointing. In addition, the game’s performance is just satisfactory, clocking in at a frame rate of 39.9 per second.

The brand new CLEVO NH70 GPU comes with a powerful GPU and an AMD A4-1250 CPU. In addition to having Bluetooth and a GSYNC screen of 17 inches in size, the notebook’s display features a high-quality matte surface. Its graphics card, known as the NVIDIA 980M, has been lauded for its speed and stability, and it has a price tag that is commensurate with its capabilities.

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