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Cloud-Tribe launches aiming to fill the void in Pakistan’s cloud computing landscape

Recently launched, Cloud-Tribe a cloud computing solution aimed at meeting Pakistan’s need for a world-class cloud service is hailed as a milestone in Pakistan’s digitization efforts.

Cloud-Tribe is the brainchild of industry experts who have worked diligently to provide a native solution that is compliant with applicable law and with the ability to enforce international security standards for Pakistani citizens’ personal information.

Unlike the services offered by international brands, Cloud-Tribe protects individual and business information in ISO certified data centers maintained in Pakistan.

The launch of this new service further aligns with the vision of the Ministry of IT and Government of Pakistan to bridge the digital divide and offer enhanced services at competitive prices.

Cloud-Tribe, with internationally recognized technology partners, has enabled a secure, private and public cloud platform for various IT infrastructure solutions.

The Cloud-Tribe solution specializes in IaaS cloud computing and network security with a wide range of products and services such as firewalls, high availability systems, backup and security services, data encryption, disaster recovery services and more.

With a 99.99% uptime guarantee, Cloud-Tribe enables a company to reduce their operational and fixed costs of hardware, databases, servers and software licenses, aiming to become a comprehensive solution for a company’s IT needs.

This includes offering Desktop as a Service and Platform as a Service in the near future, which is a major requirement in Pakistan at the moment.

All hardware, database servers, web servers, software, products and services are hosted in the cloud and added to an account as needed and charged on a ‘pay as you use’ basis.

Cloud-Tribe has sufficient capacity in its various data centers across the country upon initial launch to bridge the need and will continue to expand its skillset and capabilities going forward.

This launch is expected to be a milestone in Pakistan’s digital journey and will bring long-term benefits not only to existing businesses, but also to tech entrepreneurs, start-ups, incubators and big data management providers in Pakistan and across the world. international markets.

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