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Designing custom hair extension boxes like a pro

One of the prominent trends in the fashion industry is hair extensions. Fashion-conscious ladies always loved it. They wear them in different lengths, styles, sizes, and colours to add glam to their overall personality. This trend has created a buzz everywhere. Personalized extension boxes play an important role in grabbing the attention of more customers. You can keep them in-home beauty kits or carry them in hanging bags for quick use at parties. Therefore, their manufacturers are going for innovative packaging to allow consumers to use them as they desire. Learn the creative ways to design custom hair extension packages as a pro.

Choose a Suitable Material for Extension Boxes

People are aware of global warming and its impact on the Earth. They care about the protection of the environment. Thus, they prefer to use eco-friendly products. Connecting your brand with green packaging is important to connect with the buyers. You cannot deny the eco-friendly aspect. Pick the right material for hair packaging that is not harmful to the environment. Go for stuff that is sustainable and durable at the same time. For example, you can switch to cardboard or corrugated paperboard instead of using harsh plastics. It allows your product to be considered by the consumers at the top. Also, it shows your concern for nature and indicates you as a trustworthy brand. Hence, there are no fears of environmental pollution while making you earn more from your extension brand.

Besides, remember that if your packaging is not sturdy, it can not resist different impacts. Due to extreme pressures, it may bend or tear apart. These issues spoil the image of your brand in the market. Another significant feature in the making of extension boxes is durability. They must be sturdy and protected against external factors or damages. Choose a material that is strong enough to endure increased pressures. Also, make the packaging with waterproof lamination to avoid damage due to water or moisture. Finally, choose an airtight lid to protect it from dust, sunlight, and contact with air or water. This way, your hair extensions can reach customers safely and win their confidence.

Highlight Branding Elements

If you’re a hair extension supplier, you might know how crucial marketing is to your business’ success. Publicity is the soul of marketing. It offers a positive image and recognition. Therefore, your brand must be well introduced into the market to potential consumers. For this purpose, businesses consume huge amounts of branding campaigns. However, with custom hair packaging boxes, you can carry out this motive in a low-cost manner.

Print your brand logo, contact information, and other social media information. It helps the buyers identify your company on the market shelves. Without a logo, customers assume that the product is of lower quality. In addition, it aids in generating more awareness among the target audience. The ideal way to put this is to locate it in a prominent place. Thus, you don’t have to execute different branding tactics. Your packing must echo what you mean. Besides, this thing boosts buyers’ interactions.

Add Aesthetics Elements to your Extension Boxes

Aesthetics have a crucial role in the sale of your product. So it should be a priority when designing hair extension packaging in the UK. Ensure that your boxes feature the latest designs and themes. Buyers don’t want to buy products that look boring. So, try to choose a beautiful design and create a fashionable environment for your customers.

Add on Printing and Finishing Effects

We all know that no single brand remains behind in using high-quality printing techniques to elevate its products. A finishing touch is vital to give your custom packaging a classic look. It gives your boxes the ultimate decorative appeal. Make use of multiple printing techniques to create tactile effects that boost product features. The printing choices are countless. These features give extra glam to hair boxes. You may also deliver information about the extension’s features and their details through printing. You can use flexographic printing, UV printing, graphic designing, digital printing, and an aqueous coating to give these boxes a stylish look.

Put gloss coating or matte coating to make your products catchy and matchless. These make your hair extension boxes as splendid as your products. Also, You cannot ignore the importance of a smooth and shiny surface when using custom hair extension packaging. Consider the type of lamination that involves a layer of silk or smooth plastic. This process offers a glossy and smooth surface and helps maintain the printing. Besides, coating improves the brand’s visibility. It makes these products more attractive to the customers.

Add Window Panes

Custom hair extension boxes with window panes are handy in grabbing the attention of buyers. This feature allows them to see the products without opening the package. Clear polyvinyl panes keep the extensions secured in place and display their beauty effectively. These boxes are considered perfect packaging for an alluring presentation. Plus, they maximize your sales by highlighting the product’s features and benefits. It is the best option for you to wrap your extensions. Then, you can easily display them without effort so that the customer can get an idea about your product in no time.

To conclude, the fashion industry has enhanced the importance of artificial hairs. Therefore, try to utilize amazing packaging for extension boxes that can leave a mesmerizing impression on customers. Make them robust and learn different efficient methods to give an appealing outlook to them. Moreover, make them functional enough to inspire the targeted audience. In this way, they help you succeed in showing the essence and values of your brand. Although, there are multiple creative ways to design the best packaging for these boxes. Choose the most effective ones to engage your audience.


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