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Discovering Vagar Airport and the Soulful Beauty of the Faroe Islands

The Unexplored Paradise – Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands, a group of rocky islands blessed with breathtaking landscapes and spectacularly beautiful vistas, remain a largely unexplored gem in the world of travel. Amidst the unpredictable weather and occasional sheep crossing the roads, the Faroe Islands exude a soulful charm that beckons the wanderer in us. As you step out of the Vagar Airport, the first instinct that grips you is to embrace the untouched beauty that surrounds you.

The Pull of the Faroe Islands

Having travelled around the globe, engaging in soul-stirring conversations with people across language barriers, I felt a pull towards my home, the Faroe Islands. The joy of meeting new people, understanding their cultures, and sharing experiences filled me with a desire to serve the wanderers visiting my homeland. This was the seed that germinated into PHD Current.

PHD Current – Your Travel Companion

At PHD Current, our mission is to make your journey through the Faroe Islands comfortable, affordable, and memorable. We understand the pain of high car rental prices and complex processes, especially when all you want to do is explore the stunning landscapes around you. That’s why we, at PHD Current, along with our micro team, strive to provide the best car rentals and even an airport guesthouse at Vagar Airport!

Our Commitment to You

Our commitment to you goes beyond providing excellent car rental services. We want to ensure that you return from your holiday with a glow, a sense of fulfillment, and memories that last a lifetime. As Poul, one of our customers, puts it, “If it were possible, I would give PHD Current 10 stars. They are always available to help us. I loved coming to Faroe Island, and I intend to return and bring my family and friends.”


The Faroe Islands are waiting for you to discover their hidden charm and soulful beauty. At PHD Current, we are ready to be your companion on this fantastic journey. Explore more, comfortably and affordably, and return home with the glow of having had the best holiday. Remember, the world is beautiful, and the Faroe Islands are a spectacular part of it. Are you ready to explore them?


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