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Egyptian Musk Essential Oil: Everything You Need to Know 

Day-to-day activities can accumulate stress and even anxiety. During such time it’s essential to look out for one’s health. You should relax and give yourself a needed self-care break. The earthy and relaxing scent of Egyptian musk essential oils might be for you. 

It’s an excellent mix of different botanicals that can reduce your stress and anxiety. Egyptian musk oil is a liked and used perfume that goes back to Cleopatra’s time. It has a subtle, earthy, and woody fragrance that most people find appealing and relaxing. So, it’s no surprise that it’s very well-liked and used.


What is Egyptian Musk?

Egyptian musk essential oil got its name from the oldest texts in history in the pyramids of Saqqara. The said scripture lists it as one of the seven sacred oils. In ancient times, people didn’t take baths as often. So, they needed something else that could help them freshen up.

Ancient Egyptians used it to mask body odor. They also applied it to the skin to become lustrous and moisturized. Besides, its particular scent didn’t attract bugs as floral aromas would. Moreover, they used it because of its antibiotic, antifungal, and antiviral properties. 

Historians believe the formulation of Egyptian musk oil then was thick. Such formulation allowed them to soak into the skin for a longer-lasting scent. Likewise, it was very costly in ancient times, so only the royals and the rich used them.

Ancient Egyptian musk oils differ from the current version. The formulation of the former involves animal musk from hunting deers. But musk essential oil is a mix of botanical scents and is animal cruelty-free. 


The Benefits of Egyptian Musk Essential Oil?

Egyptian musk may replicate the scent of the ancient one, but do they still share the same properties and benefits? Worry not! The benefits of Egyptian musk essential oils are still the same. Modern Egyptian musk essential oils have different properties that are universally beneficial too.

1. Calming and Relaxing Properties

Egyptian musk essential oils replicate their original counterparts’ earthy and woody notes. Their calming and relaxing properties prove their use in aromatherapy and massage therapy. Apart from this, they also help increase sexual drive and desire. They also aid in easing pregnancy and PMS symptoms in women. 

2. Cleansing Properties

Egyptian musk essential oil is also said to have some spiritual benefits. These benefits relate to the mentioned property in number one. It functions to cleanse energy and sacred spaces before meditation and yoga. It also allows a better understanding of divine connections and maintains yin and yang balance. It also helps in the healing of emotional trauma.

3. Hydrating, Purifying, and De-toxifying Properties

The many skin-related benefits of Egyptian musk essential oils allow it to detoxify, hydrate, and purify the skin. It also promotes the regeneration and reparation of skin injuries. Apart from this, it helps detoxify and lessen the oxidative stress subjected to endothelial cells that cause cell apoptosis.

4. Medicinal Properties

Egyptian musk essential oils may act as mild analgesics. They help relieve muscle and joint pain through topical application. In addition, it was claimed to be an immune booster since it’s effective against fungal, viral, and bacterial infections. 

Also, the main component of musks, Muscone, is said to impact a person’s mood significantly. The benefits stated in number one attribute to these effects on the nervous system. It’s even used in Unani medicine to treat coughs and palpitations. It also functions as a cardiotonic, neuroprotective, antitussive, and anti-inflammatory.

5. Insect Repelling Properties

Traditional Egyptian musk oil’s earthy and woody scent does not attract pests like floral fragrances. Likewise, modern Egyptian musk essential oil shares the same property as its traditional counterpart. So, it is used as an insect repellant to keep insects, flies, and other pests away.


How to Use Egyptian Musk Essential Oil?

The particular scent of Egyptian musk essential oils appeals to men’s fragrances nowadays. So, seeing the word “musk” on masculine fragrances is quite common. 

Using a drop or two of this oil is enough. Rubbing them on your pulse points might do the trick since it’s a slow-releasing fragrance. Be careful if you have skin sensitivities and allergies because, just like any essential oil, it can irritate sensitive skin.

Musk Oil for Skin and Hair Care

Egyptian musk essential oils have subtle but long-lasting scents. It is also used for skin and hair care due to its hydrating, purifying, and detoxifying properties. Their ability to promote skin regeneration makes them perfect for treating wrinkles, stretch marks, burns, and other skin injuries. They also function as skin and hair moisturizers. 

These oils are typically thick in the formulation, soaking into the skin and hair more slowly, allowing for longer-lasting fragrance and moisture.  



It’s common practice to mix these oils into a carrier oil, usually jojoba or almond oil. There isn’t a golden rule that states how much you should use for each ingredient or how often you should use them. There is no exact way of creating an Egyptian musk essential oil. So, you’re free to do it how you like with these ingredients in hand. 



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