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Explore The Process Of Getting UK Visa For Partner And Children

Do you want to explore the process of getting a UK visa for a partner? Or do you want a child visa to the UK? If yes, then read this guide to explore how to get a UK visafor partner and children. In general, your partner can get the UK partner visa to either stay there when they are already here or else want to live with you in the UK.

If your partner has children aged below 18, then can also apply for the child visa UK. You will become a sponsor once your partner applies for the partner visa. You will also automatically become your partner’s children sponsor, when they apply for the child visa.

The partner & child visas are the major types of family visa.

What are the things to consider?

To find whether your partner and children can get a family visa, you must ensure a certain process. You must need certain things to consider:

  • Check if partner & child visas are perfect for the situation

A partner can apply:

  • For their partner visa
  • For only a child visa
  • For both partner & child visas simultaneously
  • Check whether you can be the sponsor

You can become the sponsor for your partner and for their children when you have Irish citizenship, British citizenship, Settled status or Indefinite leave/right of abode.

  • Check the rules about the savings and income

You must show your savings and incomes and it is known as the ‘financial requirement’. To meet the financial requirement, you must show your income status is around a certain amount each year. 

You can add the income of your partner when they are already in the UK. When they are not in the UK yet, then you are able to only include income they will get after they start to move. When your partner is applying only for themselves and there are no children, then you must meet the financial requirement. You must have an income of £18,600 or above each year.

  • Check whether the living space is safe & suitable

Your partner must have to show that the place you are living is very safe, suitable and more than enough for everyone who is going to stay with you. There is no need for you to have your own home. The only thing is that you must have enough space to accommodate your partner and their family members.

  • Check if the partner needs to attend the English language test

Attending the English language test is a must for the partner before applying for the UK visa for partner. It is also to be noted that, there is no need for their children to attend the English language test. 

Your partner doesn’t need to attend the test when any one of the below mentioned things applies:

  • They have any university degree in English course
  • They are citizens of countries where English is the official language like the USA or Jamaica.
  • They are above 65 years or below 18 years.

If your partner couldn’t pass the test due to their physical or mental condition, then there is no need for them to do that. They must have to consult a doctor to confirm their condition whether it is unlikely to change or they don’t have the ability to learn English due to brain injury or learning disability.

Permanently staying in the UK:

If your partner is in the UK on the partner visa for five years, they can directly apply for the visa to stay here permanently. It is known as ‘indefinite leave’. The five years never include the time they stay in the UK on the 6-month visa as the fiancé (e)/proposed civil partner.

When your partner gets the partner visa according to any emergency situation or family & private life, they can able to apply for indefinite leave only after 10 years. The partner can also apply for their children to get indefinite leave simultaneously along with them. There is no compulsion for the children to stay longer years in the UK.


From the scenario mentioned above, you have explored the process of getting a UK visa for partnerand children.

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