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Finding A Good Dog Door For A Sliding Door

Pet owners consider dog doors as a convenience as they offer a lot of benefits to the owner as well as the pet. These pet entrances allow your pet to roam freely in and out of your home while allowing owners to control their pet’s coming and going. If you consider installing a dog door for a sliding door, your pup can come and go as they please; you don’t have to be there to let them in to eat food or go to the bathroom. Besides this, dog doors also help prevent outside pests, such as other animals, from entering your home.

There are two kinds of automatic dog doors- electric and magnetic. A receiver on your dog’s collar activates both types of doors. As the dog approaches the opening, the receiver sends a signal to open the automatic pet door. These types of doors are suitable for those who-

  • Wants to keep some of their pets in the house and provide outdoor access to those wearing the pet door transmitter.
  • Have a small child or toddler that they are worried might crawl through a regular pet door.
  • Are concerned about strays and other wild pests entering their house through the dog door.
  • Would like more security than a regular flap-style pet entrance.

If you fall into the category of any of these people, you should consider installing an automatic pet door for your sliding door; otherwise, you can view the other pet door options available on the market. Here are a few things to look for when buying a dog door; continue reading!

Dog door features to consider

When buying a dog door for your house, the first and foremost thing you need to decide is what size of pet door you will need. Too big of an opening can invite burglars and other troubles, such as wild animals. You certainly don’t want a dog door big enough for a bear. It would not be likely to attract any bears, but it would be big enough for humans to crawl through quickly, and no doubt, humans are the most dangerous pests in the animal kingdom.

Measure your pet’s height from the top of his shoulders, right behind his front legs, and his width at the chest. This will give you an idea of the size of doors you need for your pet and what height it should be installed at. Choose the size so your entry can come and go quickly, and you won’t have to squeeze through uncomfortably, but no bigger than that.

Various designs of dog doors are available, ranging from those cut into an existing entry, those cut directly into walls, and those cut into sliding glass doors. The most commonly found dog door for a sliding door is the in-the-door style. The least expensive house doors have plastic or aluminium frames and an acrylic flap. The flap is usually held in place by a magnet to keep the weather out while letting your dog pass in and out freely. At the higher end of the dog door spectrum are self-locking, one-way, electronic ‘key’ activated doors, and even infrared-activated doors. These high-tech doors, with their more energy-efficient seals and secure locks, can cost as much as $1,000.

Many pet doors are available in various colours and mounting options suitable for sliding doors and windows. If you are looking for a stylish pet door for your sliding glass doors, consider the above-mentioned tips; this will help you narrow down your choices and make the right decision.


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