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Found a way to lose weight

Last year I was able to lose 10 kilograms, but since then, I have not been able to lose any additional weight. The issue was that there are some things, like social gatherings and events, over which I have no control. Every time I ate something, it would change my mood, so I would concentrate on exercise to lessen the impact of the food I ate. I measured my food, kept a food journal, and weighed myself every day. I believed I was doing things correctly, but all I could think about was food every day, and the stress of unforeseen circumstances eventually got to me. That’s when I asked for assistance and went to Novomed clinic to see a registered dietician in Dubai.

I’m very glad I decided to go there because the dietitian is amazing. She assisted me in seeing that I have some compulsive tendencies overall. I had to change my relationship with food; I couldn’t record my meals, track my carb intake or identify my serving sizes, or weigh myself. At first, it looked overwhelming, but with my dietitian’s help and direction, it was doable. She assured me that if I was receptive to this strategy, I would eventually be free of my addiction to food and would only eat when I was truly hungry.

She gave me tools, help, and encouragement to help me learn to pay attention to my body. I genuinely didn’t understand how my previous habits were affecting my life; I had built a world around eating and felt like I was imprisoned. My general stress level has decreased, I have more energy, fewer mood swings, and my clothes are even growing looser. And what’s surprising is that I’m not hungry despite eating less overall. I no longer deny myself foods I enjoy.

Food no longer affects my mood or my ultimate objective of being healthy. I feel as though a big burden has been removed, and I am overjoyed. Really, there aren’t enough wonderful things I can say about my dietitian and what she accomplished for myself and my health. I couldn’t have done it without her help, patience, and guidance, and I will be forever grateful for her remarkable support.


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