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Gang that extorts millions through explicit videos arrested

The Cyber ​​Crime Wing (CCW) of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has arrested a gang involved in extorting money by blackmailing ordinary people using offensive videos.

According to details, the five-member group has been arrested from Lahore, while millions of rupees and hundreds of obscene videos have been recovered from dozens of mobile phones, laptops and hard drives.

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The suspects have been identified as Imran, Faheem, Shoaib, Bilal and Imran. A case has been registered against them under the relevant clauses of the relevant laws and further investigations are underway.

In this regard, an FIA spokesperson said the gang befriended unsuspecting citizens through various social media platforms and made obscene videos with them after gaining their trust.

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After filming the videos, they extorted money from the victims by threatening to leak their videos on social media platforms. The gang sent the videos to the families of those who did not meet the requirements.

The gang members have long been on the list of FIA’s most wanted offenders, and a number of complaints, mainly from Faisalabad, have been filed against them, the spokesman concluded.

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