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How to Get Back Instagram Account After Being Disabled

This is my biggest fear when it comes to Instagram: Losing my account. Unfortunately, this fear isn’t too far from reality. Many users have experienced the dreaded “disabled” notification when they try to log in to their Instagram accounts due to a violation of Instagram’s terms of use.

It can be difficult to get your account reinstated under these circumstances. In this guide, I’ll go over what you need to do if you ever receive a “disabled” notification on Instagram. In this, we will discuss how you can get your Instagram account back.

How to Recover a Disabled Instagram account

If you’ve got a notification that your Instagram account has been disabled, you can try to recover it by logging back into your account. If that doesn’t work, you may need to reach out to Instagram for help.

To get started, you should know that having your Instagram account disabled is not at all uncommon. It’s usually because Instagram has detected some kind of violation of their terms of use, which could be as simple as posting something against the guidelines (like nudity or illegal content) or using an app or method that violates the rules (like using a third-party service to buy followers).

This can happen if you’re using something you shouldn’t be in order to gain more followers or likes. You may have accidentally posted something inappropriate, or even posted something that someone else reported and flagged as abuse.

If your account has been disabled, don’t panic. The first thing you should do is try logging back in with your username and password. If this doesn’t work and the message “Couldn’t refresh feed” appears on your screen, then you’ll need to contact Instagram directly by emailing them at [email protected]

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