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Get fuller lips through this treatment

I was self-conscious about my lips for so many years. I would always try to make them look bigger using lipstick, but it wouldn’t really make any difference. I was curious about lip fillers because I felt that giving my lips more volume would make me feel more confident. After looking into

Novomed’s lip fillers in Sharjah, I made an appointment there. I was looking for a specialist I could trust because I was new to lip fillers. I was certain that they were the top clinic in the area after reading the positive online reviews.

The doctor at Novomed welcomed me with a huge smile and explained the lip filler treatment. He described the whole treatment process from start to finish and how the procedure involves the use of a cannula to limit the number of injections and, consequently, the amount of bruising and swelling. I told the doctor that I wanted a softer appearance and that I wanted to make my upper lip look bigger so that I would look plumper altogether. He guaranteed after the consultation that I was a suitable candidate for them, and so I had them during the same appointment.

The doctor always gave thorough aftercare instructions, ensuring that you got the best outcome possible. He would even call me after appointments to make sure I was doing fine during my recovery process. After my treatment, the doctor told me to apply ice when I arrived home because the swelling in my lips would last for a few days. I made an appointment to go back to their office after two weeks to assess my findings and see whether any additional filler was necessary.

I was thrilled with the results of my treatment when I went in for my two-week checkup. Seeing my new lips and my boosted confidence made me very happy. I’m extremely grateful for my gorgeous new lips. I honestly have no words to express how grateful I am for the outcome! I’ll definitely make an appointment to see Novomed’s doctor again in the future for a touch-up because she is an incredible genius. I will undoubtfully recommend him to anyone looking for volumizing treatments


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