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Get to Know Abena’s Intimate Briefs

Incontinence is becoming a significant challenge globally due to the increased risk factors. This has led to the rise in demand for various incontinence products and different brands offering the same products. Due to market saturation, users have a challenge determining the best brands to get the products. 

Not to worry, there are brands such as Abena that you can always rely on to provide intimate briefs. If you are unaware of the brand, here are some critical details and the products they deal in.  

Abena products 

There are different Abena briefs and products you can get in the market, and they are available for both genders, males and females.  

Female products 

The female products include Abena light, a discrete pad designed for women with light incontinence challenges. They feature adhesive strips on the back to secure them to the body. If you want female pads with a higher absorption rate, this should be one of the brands to consider since the pads have an absorption rate of 3-34fl Oz.  

Male products 

There are different products for men, such as Abena-Man incontinence pads. These pads also have secure straps to attach them to the body. Unlike the female products, they have low absorbency rates, such as 8 to 24fl Oz. 

Unisex pants 

Those with difficulty settling for male or female products can opt for unisex pants and protective underwear suitable for both genders. The Abena underwear has elastic thread appropriate to make you comfortable and fit the user discreetly. You can also use them longer due to the high retention and absorbency rate of about 30fl Oz.  

Another unisex item is the booster pad referred to as the Abena Boost. If you have patients with severe incontinence, you can use these boosters as additional protection since they increase absorbency and retention capabilities. The pads have an absorbency rate of 44fl Oz. 

Special pads 

Abena designs products for a wide range of uses. They have those that are suitable for low to high incontinence. Meanwhile, such special pads also have Abri-san special, which is suitable for fecal incontinence.  

The product features  

All their products have unique features to boost their potency and fit the users’ needs. Moreover, the products are designed from light materials around the critical body areas to prevent excess heat accumulation.  

The comfort features. 

The comfort is due to the high absorption rates to ensure they absorb and retain the highest amount of fluids. Your comfort is guaranteed since the top surface will always remain dry, and the pads can retain the fluids regardless of a change in position. You do not have to worry about the odor since they are odor proof and can last longer without producing any scents and anyone noticing the scents.  

The design features 

The design features are critical for ensuring comfort, boosting absorbency, and increasing their ability to stick onto the body. Pads and underwear are designed using advanced odor control systems to retain the odor for the longest time possible, enabling you to move around confidently and with dignity.  

To ensure they fit perfectly on the body, they have elastic tabs on the sides fitted with adhesive and hook systems for faster and easy repositioning. You can pull them quickly and comfortably fit around your waist due to the elasticity features.  

To keep the top layer dry, the pads and underwear have fast acting absorption inlet that allows the fluids to pass fast and freely while retaining the top layer dry and free from moisture. This is essential for healthy skin and for preventing bacteria from breeding around the area. At the core is a super absorbent polymer to absorb and retain high volumes of liquids. The polymers are also designed to prevent any leakages that can occur when you adjust your position.  

Surrounding the absorption core are the leakage protection areas that can reduce the chances of leakages from the sides of the pad. They extend from the front to the back to absorb all the liquids and prevent any leakages. 

If you have trouble knowing when to change the pads, you can rely on the advanced wetness indicator, a color change that notifies you about the levels of fluids retained. When filled with up to 75%, you will notice color changes from blue to yellow, signifying a need for replacement. 

Why consider Abena products 

Different products 

Besides the unique features, the Abena products offer a wide range of benefits to the product users and buyers. They have various products with different capacities enabling you to buy a product that suits your needs best. For instance, the pads and underwears have different capacities suitable for people with different conditions. 

Price offers 

The brand emphasizes selling bulk products, such as a package containing ten or more products. This enables you to save on cash instead of buying one product at a time. They also help you maintain stock to avoid any inconveniences during emergencies. 

Customer services 

Once you become a regular client, they have monthly programs to deliver the products. You can contact them to deliver the required number of pads or underwear monthly to your address. They will save you the burden of saving reminders. 


If you are looking for the best incontinence product, you should try Abena. The brand is home to a comprehensive product line and range of quality and affordable products. You can also enjoy the price offers and excellent customer service. Besides the excellent customer service, the brand uses the best technologies to embed different product features to boost their performance and suitability. 


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