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Glossary of Common Cooking Terms

A reference of cooking terms is a listing of terms used in food preparation, together with their meanings. Food preparation is the process of preparing food for consumption. It entails the use of numerous active ingredients, food preparation approaches, and tools.

There are lots of various kinds of food preparation, each with its very own collection of strategies and also cooking terminology. The following is a checklist of a glossary of usual food preparation terms utilized in cooking, together with their interpretations:

A List of a Glossary of Common Cooking Terms


Au jus: A French term definition “with juice”, typically used to describe a sauce or sauce made with the natural juices of the meat.

Al dente: Means “lightly prepared.” This is the best summary for pasta or rice that is prepared until it is strong but not tough.

A la carte: This term is made use of to define recipes that are served independently from the main dish.

Appetiser: A small recipe served before the main dish to whet the cravings.


Béarnaise sauce: Is a sauce made of clarified butter emulsified in egg yolks as well as white a glass of wine vinegar.

Braise: Is an approach of cooking in which food is very first browned in fat, then cooked slowly in a protected frying pan with a little liquid.

Bake: To prepare food in an oven using dry warm.

Broil: To prepare food by direct exposure to induction heat.

Beat: Mix active ingredients together promptly utilizing a spoon, electric mixer, or food processor.

Blanch: Plunge food right into boiling water for a short time, then right into the chilly water. This is often done to veggies prior to freezing them.

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Boil: Cook food in water or other liquid that is gurgling vigorously.

Batter: A combination of flour, liquid, and often various other ingredients, such as eggs, that is made use of to make cakes, pancakes, and also other comparable foods.

Bbq: To prepare food, typically meat, over an open fire or on a special grill.

Blind bake: Baking a crust or pastry without filling, generally done to stop the crust from coming to be soggy.

Blancmange: A dessert that is made with milk, corn starch, and gelatin.

Bloom: The procedure of gelatinization, where jelly absorbs water and also swells to develop a gel.

Boil: The procedure of heating up a fluid up until it reaches its boiling point.

Boule: A round loaf of bread.

Brioche: A rich, eggy bread made with butter as well as milk.

Brown: The process of cooking food up until it transforms a brownish color, generally done by roasting, cooking, or baking.

Mass fermentation: The primary step in making bread, where the dough is entrusted to climb in a warm place up until it doubles in dimension.

Brining: Soak food in deep sea service.


Casserole: A big, deep meal utilized for baking or offering food.

Clafoutis: A French treat made from fresh cherries baked in a batter of eggs, milk, flour, and sugar.

Confit: A method of protecting food in which meat or veggies are cooked slowly in fat.

Coulis: A sauce made from puréed fruits or veggies.

Crème Fraiche: Is an abundant, thick lotion made use of in French food preparation.

Slice: To reduce food right into bite-sized pieces using a knife.

Make clear: To remove strong fragments from a fluid.

Cream: Beat butter and also sugar together until they create a smooth paste.

Remedy: To maintain food by utilizing salt, sugar, smoke, or vinegar.

Caramelize: To warmth sugar up until it transforms brown and also has an unique flavor. This is typically done with onions or various other vegetables to add sweet taste as well as deepness of taste to recipes.

Coat: To cover food in a slim layer of another material, such as flour, bread crumbs, or delicious chocolate. This is typically done to develop a crisp or crispy appearance or to secure in flavor.

Cake: A pleasant, typically split, treat made with flour, sugar, eggs, and also butter.

Cure: To preserve food by curing it with salt, sugar, or smoke. This method is usually used for meats, such as bacon or ham.

Custard: A creamy mix made with milk, eggs, and sugar, typically made use of as a loading for pies and breads.

Cut: divide food into pieces with a knife.


Deglaze: An approach of adding taste to a meal by adding a fluid (generally red wine or stock) to a frying pan in which food has actually been cooked, as well as scraping up the browned little bits from the bottom of the pan.

Dashboard: A tiny amount of fluid, generally contributed to food with a quick motion of the hand.

Deep fry: To cook food in hot fat.

Dice: Cut food right into tiny cubes making use of a blade.

Dissolve: To cause a strong to vanish into a liquid.

Dust: Sprinkle a percentage of a dry active ingredient, such as flour, over food.

Denaturation: Is the process of damaging down proteins, as well as it generally happens by home heating.

Dough: A blend of flour, water, and also various other active ingredients utilized to make bread, breads, and also various other baked products.

Drape: To cover a dough or pastry with a towel, normally done to stop the dough from drying.

Dry rub: A mixture of spices massaged onto food before food preparation.


Emulsion: A mixture of two or even more liquids that are generally unable to be integrated, such as oil and also water.

Egg wash: Is a combination of eggs and also water that is used to give baked goods a glossy or golden color.


Fry: To prepare food in hot oil.

Flambé: A technique of cooking in which alcohol is contributed to a hot frying pan and after that lit.

Fillet: To reduce meat or fish right into a boneless strip.

Flake: To break food right into small pieces.

Fold: Mix components together carefully utilizing a spoon or spatula, moving from the bottom of the bowl to the top.

Fermentation: The process of yeast converting sugar into alcohol and also carbon dioxide, which gives bread its taste and texture.

Flour: A powder made from grinding grains, used to make doughs and batters.

Mixer: A food cpu aids in cutting, grinding, or blending food. It is a kitchen device utilized commonly in residences.

Taste: To add a flavoring, such as salt, to food.


Ganache: Is an abundant chocolate sauce constructed from chocolate and also cream.

Gratin: A dish made from vegetables or meat baked with a cheese or breadcrumb covering.

Garnish: To decorate food with edible things such as natural herbs, veggies, or fruit.

Glaze: Coat food with a slim layer of fluid such as syrup or melted chocolate.

Grill: To cook food on a grill over straight warm.

Gelatinization: The process of gelatin soaking up water and swelling to form a gel.

Gluten: Is a protein found in wheat and also other grains. It is in charge of the flexible structure of dough.

Grating: Is the procedure of producing numerous irregular-shaped small items of a food item utilizing a hand grater.

Grind: To grind food, you need to utilize a hand grinder or a mechanical grinding machine.


Hydration: Flour needs water to come to be Dough, so in order to make Dough, you need to hydrate it first. This is done by adding water to the flour.

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