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Helmet Safety Tips to Consider In 2022

A bike helmet ensures the rider’s safety. You should wear a bike helmet to stay safe; most people don’t take it seriously and end up being affected by a fatal road accident.

A helmet can only ensure your safety if it is up to the mark of the latest safety standards. There are a lot of safety standards that are being followed around the world. You should know the basic safety tips to consider to get the most from your helmet.

Buying a good helmet passed by different safety regulation authorities can be durable, last longer and prevent you from various incidents. Always consider some basic safety tips to avoid being fooled by a low-quality standard safety helmet.

Below we will be sharing helmet safety tips to consider in 2022. So, please stick with us till the end of this article to learn more about those safety tips.

Bike Helmet Safety Tips in 2022

  1. Full-faced (chin bar helmets) are safer than ordinary ones.
  2. A most important safety check is to check different test certifications and QA/QC.
  3. Avoid maintenance with harsh cleansers and chemical agents.
  4. An expensive helmet doesn’t mean good and safer quality.
  5. Follow the manufacturer’s care and instruction; this will increase your helmet’s health and is one of the best safety tips.
  6. Periodic maintenance and checking can decrease the risk of accidents and can make more effective safety standards.
  7. Moreover, you should replace your helmets after the crash and after five years of service.

Safety Test That Each Helmet Must Qualify

There are several bike helmet safety standards on which all helmets are designed and built. But one should know of them and should know what the most essentials that are necessary for proper safety are.

Before a helmet is made available for sale in the open market, it goes through several safety checks. You must ensure that your helmet has passed those tests or not. After going through these helmet safety tests, you could categorize helmets as safer or dangerous.

Impact Test Safety Tips:

The utmost duty your helmet is to protect the rider’s head from the impacts of the accident. So, you should only add up the helmet to your inventory that has passed the impact test and holds certification.

The helmet is subjected to several forces at different accelerations. If the helmet holds the dummy head without any damage to it, it is passed. If it fails to do so, then it is rejected.

Dynamic Retention Test Safety Tips:

Suppose you are a rider who rides a bike regularly wearing helmets. It might have happened that your helmet’s straps at the chin loosen out or don’t remain in position. If yes, then your helmet fails in dynamic retention.

In this test, a load equivalent to the head’s weight is applied for an abrupt guided fall, and the strap extension is measured. If the extension exceeds 1.18 Inches, the helmet fails and is rejected.

Roll Off Test Safety Tips:

The following test is based on positional stability. It is a must-test for the best dirt bike helmet safety control and qualification. A helmet that passes this test will never toddle over your head in a bike accident that will prevent your head and neck from any severe injury.

This test is carried out after fixing the helmet over a dummy head and then attaching the weight at an angle. If the helmet rolls over, the helmet is rejected.

Shell Penetration Test Safety Tips:

Helmets have two linings; one is usually of plastic fibre, and the other is of Styrofoam. A helmet is passed from a shell penetration test if it doesn’t peel out or break due to a weight application.

You should buy helmets with rigid complex framing and several protective layers of MPIS and EVTs.

Chin Bar Test Safety Tips:

Some helmets have a chin bar, while the rest don’t. I prioritize helmets with chin bars over those that don’t have so. A helmet’s chin bar is also tested to ensure the rider’s safety. They are different load tests that, if they lead to breakage or deflection of it, can disqualify a helmet.

Face Shield Penetration Test:

A good vision gives a seamless driving experience. But it all is incomplete without a clear yet protective face guard shield.

It is tested by shooting it at five separate places using air rifles. If it breaks out or the rifle bullets penetrate, the face shield fails and is rejected.

Final Words

If you are a rider bike helmet is an essential accessory for you. A good bike helmet ensures the proper safety of the rider. But before you choose a helmet, you must look into several safety standards.

A qualified and quality passed helmet is always better than an expensive helmet. Moreover, we also have shared some necessary tests that should be given by a helmet to relay on its safety.

If you still have any choirs left regarding helmet safety tips to consider, then do write them down; we would love to hear from you.


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