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Here’s the Right Format to Present Your Dissertation Assignment to Professor

While working on a dissertation, you might have many doubts, but as a beginner, you would wonder who to begin with. A dissertation is designed for testing a certain topic which should entirely be based on the research that you make. That is why it is very important that you have clarity on how the dissertation structure should be. There are some of the best assignment help providers that can help you prepare a good dissertation. Also, you might want to have a look at some helpful tips shared here to help you create a good research dissertation which will surely impress your professor.

A Dissertation Assignment Format

If you want to work on the dissertation assignment and submit it with superior quality, then firstly, you must learn about the format of the assignment. The format of the dissertation assignment is way lot different from the regular format of an essay, and hence your focus should be more on presenting the assignment with the right structure. 

The Title Page: 

This is the very first page of the dissertation assignment where the assignment title will be written along with other details like study department, author name and name of the institution where the assignment has been performed. Some students would also want to add their roll number and university logo, which is completely fine.

The Acknowledgement:

This is an optional section and is usually written by the students thanking those people who contributed to making the dissertation assignment successful. Be it friends, supervisors or the participants of the research; students would mention and thank those individuals here.

The Abstract Section:

In this section, a short summary of the whole dissertation assignment should be written. It should not be more than 300 words long and should talk about the main topic of the research.

The Table Of Contents:

Here the student must list down the heading, subheading, chapter and also the page numbers that will be covered in the assignment.

Figures and Tables:

This is the list in which it is wise to add the details of what all is added in the dissertation assignment from the start till the end section and also the body part of the assignment.

The Abbreviations List:

If there is an abbreviation or short form which you have used in the assignment then the same needs to be mentioned in the section called Abbreviations List.

The Glossary:

If the student has used some highly specialized terms in the assignment, then it is important to add them in the glossary section and explain those words’ definitions.

The introduction, body and conclusion:

These are the primary aspect of the assignment. In the introduction section, mention the purpose of the assignment. In the body, explain in detail the topic. The conclusion should be more like a summary of the assignment that needs to be written in a crisp manner.

The Theoretical Framework :

This offers academic clarity of the work which the student has covered. It can be quite long but should consist of certain experiments and theories that were conducted earlier.

The Methodology and result:

With methodology, you should explain the overall process that was a part of the research, and in the result section, the finding of the research should be explained.


Your aim of writing a dissertation should be clearly seen in what you draft. You must focus on creating an original research piece for a defined topic. Since a dissertation is one of the crucial pieces of the independent work, make sure that you follow the given above tips and not just score good but also realize the value of research, which can help you in future as well. Once your final draft is ready and you have done proofreading, too, you will have a rewarding experience with your final work. So take time but make sure every single context in the dissertation is written in the perfect way.


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