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High-end Acrylic Paint Brands for Professional Artists

For artists who enjoy experimenting with texture, High-end acrylics are essential. Since these paints have a higher viscosity than liquid paint, they behave almost like buttery oils, and brush and knife work better after drying. There shouldn’t be any additional extenders, opacifiers, fillers, or dyes in the best heavy Acrylic Paint. Even when heavily built up, they should exhibit no cracking and have exceptional lightfastness.

For many artists, the best acrylic paints can be a great option. Acrylics are water-based paints that bind pigments with acrylic polymers. They are an easy option that is quick to set up and simpler to understand because they dry more quickly than oil paints and don’t require solvents.

Which should you pick, though? This guide fills that need by offering our selection of the top acrylic paints for artists of all levels, from beginners to experts. There are several types of acrylics; the most popular ones are heavy body, runnier soft body, and acrylic ink. The best acrylic paints House Painters Perth with a heavy body will be covered in this guide because they are the most versatile.

The first is Golden Professional Acrylics

Overall, thick, highly pigmented acrylic paint with few additives is the best type.

The Golden Professional Acrylics line is your top pick for the best acrylic paint. This acrylic is of the highest caliber; it has a lot of body and strong pigmentation. A wide range of colors is readily available.

Even though it’s ‌ thick and holds brushstrokes well, I find it simple to mix and thin at the same time. It’s a good choice for large projects because it’s also offered in large quantities.

  • Professional Heavy Body Acrylics by Liquitex
  • The ideal acrylic paint for layering smoothly

The professional line of Liquitex provides reasonably thick and adaptable acrylic paint. It has a buttery texture that spreads easily and covers well, leaving no streaks on various surfaces.

These acrylics seem to dry fairly quickly, which is great for anyone choosing a more layered painting style. House Painters Perth also don’t hold brushstrokes as well, which is helpful for layered approaches.

Professional Acrylics by Winsor and Newton

Paint of expert quality that performs predictably and is simple to use

Winsor and Newton’s professional line of acrylic paints offer reliable acrylic paint with consistent performance. It mixes quickly and evenly without clumping. It has an even, smooth consistency. I’ve discovered that there isn’t much color shift as the paint dries either. The paint is made simple to work with by all of this.

These House Painters Perth have a high pigment content and are significantly brighter than any student quality line, and even after thinning, the colors keep their vibrancy. Residential Painters Perth are some of the best acrylics for thinner washes because of this and the fact that they are water soluble.

Acrylics by Pebeo Studio

Acrylic paints of good quality for beginners that have a consistent, vivid color

Compared to most student acrylic product lines, Pebeo’s studio acrylic has noticeably richer color and better opacity, as well as less drying change. I discovered that the paint was less able to hold brushstrokes because it was a little on the runny side. Though it blends and things more easily than student paints; diluting it with water revealed that it diluted easily and had an even consistency.


I would advise the best acrylic paint for those looking to upgrade from student painting but unable to afford professional lines is Pebeo’s studio acrylic. Most of the range’s Painting Companies Perth aren’t lightfast, which is its biggest flaw.

  • Acrylics in the Amsterdam Standard Series
  • The top student acrylic paint sets with lots of colors

The best acrylic paint for students looking for a wide variety of colors is Amsterdam acrylics. Which has a good selection at the student level. The sets are reasonably priced and offer a wide variety of colors; if you’re purchasing individual tubes. This range has more colors than most student paints.

The colors look good and apply smoothly to paper when they are still in the tube, but I’ve noticed that they ‌dry a little lighter. 

They also dry ‌slowly, particularly when applied thickly, which makes them a little more tolerant. When trying to blend paint Residential Painters Perth or apply impasto techniques.

The Advantages of Acrylic Paint

Water-based acrylic paints have several benefits. As mentioned above, Painting Companies Perth doesn’t require the addition of solvents and are quick, simple, and easy to learn how to use. 

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