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Who Should Be Hired to Provide Boiler Repair Services

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Boilers are an essential household utility. They provide you with a regular supply of hot water which is used for several purposes including. You need hot water for your central heating system, for washing clothes and crockery, and for taking a bath. If your boiler breaks down, the entire hot water supply will cease and you will find it hard to carry out your everyday chores.

There are other more serious situations as well. There might be leakage of gas or hot water, both of which can be extremely dangerous. Regardless of whether you require Emergency Boiler Repair North London or anywhere else in the UK, you will need to get these services right away if you are facing any such issue.

What counts as an emergency boiler repair?

You require emergency services for your boiler if:

  • Your boiler has completely stopped working all of a sudden.
  • The water pressure is not adequate for you to use it.
  • Gas leakage
  • Water leakage
  • Any other issue that prevents you from using the boiler.

Do you smell gas?

Natural Gas

Perhaps the most dangerous situation in the case of a gas boiler or any other gas appliance as well as gas piping is gas leakage. The gas used in boilers is natural gas which is a combination of several gasses. Natural gas is highly inflammable, it can catch fire in an instant. This is why gas leakage is so dangerous. If the gas has been accumulating in an enclosed space.

it becomes even more dangerous. It is also odourless and cannot be easily detected. This is why additives are used to make it traceable. If you smell gas, you need to get in touch with a gas engineer right away. A few things which you must do right away include:

  • Call a gas safe engineer or the public emergency line
  • Turn off the gas boiler
  • Turn off the main gas inlet valve
  • Open all doors and windows
  • Do not turn on any stove or light a cigarette
  • Get out of your home till help arrives
Emergency Boiler Repair North London
Emergency Boiler Repair North London

Carbon Monoxide

Natural gas in the pipelines usually contains additives to give it a smell resembling that of rotten eggs. When the gas is burnt, it results in producing heat as well as other components. One component is carbon monoxide. Just like natural gas, it is odorless and colorless. It has no additives so you cannot smell it.

If there is inefficient burning and excess carbon dioxide is being released into your environment, you can get exposed to it. Exposure will lead to dizziness, nausea, and headaches, and if not treated, it can lead to death.

If you feel any such symptoms, get out of your home, call for help, and remain in the open air. You can ask your gas engineer to install carbon monoxide detectors which can alarm you if there is any leakage. Regular servicing and maintenance by a gas safe engineer can also prevent these dangerous situations.

You must also remember that a gas engineer needs to trace the cause of these leakages and inefficient burning. You should also remember to call gas safe engineers which are nearest to your location, for instance, if you are living in North London, get in touch with gas safe companies which provide Emergency Boiler Repair North London.

Error code

Modern boilers come with a digital display. The display may show an error if there is any fault in the boiler. The error code can help in diagnosing the fault and permit a gas engineer to treat the cause. All manufacturers provide their set of codes in the boiler manual.

You may check what the error code means but never try to carry out repairs yourself. Call professionals to handle such errors. If your home is in North London, look for Emergency Boiler Repair North London services near you.

Ineffective heating or low water pressure

At times, your boiler may not provide effective heating which implies that your energy bills are going to waste. There could be many boiler issues which can lead to this. These include:

  • Airlocks
  • Broken diaphragm
  • Motorized valve failure
  • Low boiler pressure
  • Thermostat problems

An Emergency Plumber London who is registered as gas safe will be able to resolve these issues and provide you with emergency repair services.

Dripping and leaking

Water Leakage can be caused by broken valves or seals, corroded piping, incorrect installation, etc. Never ignore leakages even if it is just dripping. Ignoring a leakage will most probably worsen the problem.

Emergency repairs should be carried out right away. Such leakages can also be handled by an Emergency Plumber London but for issues related to gas, we recommend hiring gas safe registered engineers.

Who is authorized to handle gas boilers?

Gas boilers cannot be and should not be handled by ordinary plumbers or by yourself. By law, they can only be installed, repaired, and services by gas engineers who are registered as gas safe. Don’t hire ordinary plumbers for emergency services in haste. You can check if the company you are hiring is registered as gas safe. Ask them for their gas safe ID and check online.


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