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How Does “Vanish mode” Work on Facebook Messenger?

Facebook is a very famous social media platform which is used by large number of days and it keeps on updating and adding new and new features which users love. One of the new features is vanish mode which Facebook has added recently.

Since Vanish mode is new this is why there are many users who do not know what is the Vanish mode meaning. This is why we have prepared this content for our users in which they are going to know everything about Vanish mode so that they can understand it more properly.


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About Vanish Mode 

Vanish mode is a feature in Facebook messenger which let the users send temporary messages to any of your friends on Facebook. The messages you will send the other person will vanish after the recipient has seen it; this is a great way to prevent clogging up your regular chats.

If either you or the recipient takes a screenshot of vanish mode chat then both the users will get the alert about the same. Facebook Vanish mode is available on both messenger app on iPhone as well as on Android for all the Facebook users.

How to Use Vanish Mode – 

Now, when the users know about Vanish mode let us see how to turn on Vanish mode so that you can turn it on and use the features of Vanish mode.


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  1. Make sure that Facebook messenger is installed on your device. You need to open then Facebook messenger app and then open a chat with someone, also you need to ensure that the chat is a one on one chat and not a group chat.
  2. Once, you will swipe down the screen you will see a message showing Vanish mode.
  3. You need to keep dragging your finger continuously until the circle icon is completely filled.
  4. Your current chat will get disappeared from the screen and an empty screen will be there in front of you. When you will do this for the first time you will receive a pop up notification regarding the Vanish mode.
  5. On vanish mode screen, the users can start a normal conversation which will last until the other person has seen it and then has closed your chat.


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If Messenger Vanish mode not working then you can try some of the troubleshoot steps which will help them to fix the issues you are facing.


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Read Also:- worldzo

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