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How To Become VPN Reseller?

There are no restrictions on how successful you may be with a VPN reseller service. Whether you are just starting your online business or already have a website with various products and services. This guide will help you with setting up and selling VPN.

  1. Picking your tech stack setup

Here is a list of the most essential items to put up or have:

We are committed to becoming your preferred partner in helping your business develop. If you haven’t already, please join up here.

WHMCS, the all-in-one client administration solution for Reseller Hosting, is used for account management and billing. It provides billing and support features, ensuring you have all you need to manage your business.

If you do not want to use WHMCS for your front end, you may use CMS (what people see when they visit a site). There are other solutions. However, we prefer WordPress or HubSpot.

CRM and marketing software: HubSpot is a location where you can access all customer and marketing resources to advertise and sell. We recommend this product since it is free to begin with, and can expand with you as you develop. We are HubSpot certified and can assist you in getting started.

  1. Connect your Account & Billing software with VPN Resellers

Now that you’ve decided, it’s time to automatically link your system with us or use our free WHMCS native plugin. You may attach it using our open REST API if you have chosen a different approach. The benefit of having your billing system connected automatically is that account creation, suspension, termination, renewal, and so on will all be done automatically, allowing you to spend more time marketing and selling your brand. However, if you want to do take care of it manually, that option is available

  1. Choose a Price

The price set for your service will be heavily influenced by the cost of selling it in the first place. Regarding the VPN Reseller industry, each country is unique in terms of maturity, marketing costs, and reasons for choosing a VPN.

Furthermore, you must verify that your prices are at least comparable with those of competing VPN services. We advise using Google to find the top 10 VPN reseller providers in the nation you wish to sell in and compare their rates. Prices typically range between $5 and $14 each month.

  1. Brand, brand, brand

We haven’t discussed branding yet, but let’s be clear: you won’t have to worry about the infrastructure or whether everything works (we will), but you will be responsible for providing the service to your client.

Your brand is essentially your primary line of business. So, get started properly and align the available tools with your company’s logo. Make sure you invest in a decent logo and maybe a bespoke website design (template). Create a reputable website with a unique, short domain name, encouraging consumers to return to your site and those exact customers to suggest your business to their friends.

VPN Whitelabel software for Mac, Windows, and Android is available. Take a look at this:

Android app for Windows and Mac – check it out: Play Store by Google

We allow renaming our software for a price. Of course, you may also design your own software, in which case you can use our Ivacy VPN config file or other protocols to connect to our servers. For further information, please contact us.

  1. Get Credit to Start Selling

Our system operates on credits in the same way that prepaid phones do. Because your credit will never expire, we have no danger or pressure. We mainly accept PayPal. However, we also accept cryptocurrency payments and wire transfers if necessary.

Please add a minimum amount of $100 to your billing account. Our system will debit your amount daily for active VPN accounts. If you remove a VPN account from your account after 7 days, we just charge 7 days of the monthly fee, making it simple for you to create multiple types of packages. For example, 3 days of VPN access, 7 days of VPN access, 15 days of VPN access, and so on.

If you have less than 1.000 clients, the price per VPN is $1,99 per month, and it drops to $0,99 after you reach that number.

  1. Provide excellent customer service

Happy clients are the key to development since they will stay and renew and suggest your business to their friends. People trust other people more than corporations. Thus you must assist and support your clients.

Obviously, you can rely on us to assist you; we are available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to answer any technical questions you may have so that you may service your consumers.


Knowing the best VPN reseller providers can help you become a reseller fast and earn you some easy income. Many VPN providers have started their affiliate VPN reseller programs to promote their VPN on different search engines, and you can also benefit from them.

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